1 Transported?

It was nighttime and Chris was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before sleeping.

"Ahh, no matter how many times I read the final battle, it always sends chills down my spine!"

Chris was a crazed Potterhead and he was reading the series for the fifteenth time. Harry Potter character figurines? Got it. Harry Potter posters? Got it. Wizard outfit, fake wand, textbooks, and literally anything else you could find in a Harry Potter book? Got it. He even bought an orange cat and named it Crookshanks.

Crookshanks was on his bed right now sleeping next to him.

10 minutes later, Chris finally finished the series for the 15th time. He carefully put the book back in his bookcase reserved only for Harry Potter content. He took a good look at his 5 bookshelves with 3 of them being dedicated to solely the original 7 books with the only difference being the book covers. His collection spanned from the newest covers to the very first copies of the books. He even had books signed by a lot of the actors and actresses such as Rupert Glint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Alan Rickman who had just recently passed away. If Chris sold his entire collection, it would amount to thousands of dollars. Of course, he never would sell his beloved

"I'll get back to you in 2 months," Chris said as he stroked one of the books. Suddenly, the bookshelf started to shine. Following suit every other Harry Potter related items were glowing.

"What's going on?!" Chris screamed as he felt like a strong force was tugging him away. He could not resist and he felt like he was falling. Chris closed his eyes.

When Chris opened his eyes, all he saw was white except for the black hole below him.

The fall felt endless and Chris was terrified.

"Oh no! I vowed to read the Harry Potter series a 100 times during my entire lifetime. I saved up money to go to every Harry Potter attraction. I never got to go to King's Cross! I was supposed to go this year! I can't die!"

Chris started to scream out all of his regrets as he continued to fall. Just when he felt like he was going to fall forever, the dark hole was replaced with a blinding light.

"What's going on?!" Chris screamed as he closed his eyes once more. When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was on top of a huge bed with his outfit changed into animal.

"Where did I even get this pajama?" Chris asked. However, he started to notice his body namely his hand.

"Hey what is this? My hands are as small as a child's!" Chris shouted. He then started to notice his surrounding. His bed was gigantic with his body fitting barely a 10th of the bed. His room was equally as huge with a table, toys, and closets.

'What is this grand room? Am I a king or something. This bed is big enough to fit 30 Crookshanks! The room itself is twice as big as mine!' Chris thought as he looked around with curiosity.

'Oh yes, I remember this. This is a common thing in those Chinese light novels. Transmigration if I remember correctly. But where am I? I thought memories were supposed to flood in. And don't you only transmigrate when you die?,' Chris thought. He had many questions, but had no answers to them. However, before he could ponder anymore, he heard loud voices from outside his door. He pressed his ears to hear what was going on.

"He's a Squib! A dang Squib! The Evergreen Family's heir is a Squib. We can't have another kid. You having Chris alone was a miracle with your condition. We can't adopt a kid. We'll be the biggest laughingstock in all of Europe. An unknown child becomes the head of the Evergreen Family. That will be the news for the next decade," A middle-aged man that looked like a medieval noble said angrily.

"Dear, I'm sure it was a mistake. Even the most magical items have their-" A woman that looked to be around her mid-30's replied.

"Mistake? No, there was no mistake. You know it as well. Our son has never shown any signs of magic. Never in the 11 years he's been alive has he done any accidental magic! It's almost time for school, but we haven't even gotten a letter from Hogwarts yet!" The man screamed.

Chris stood up properly. His eyes suddenly gleamed.

'Hogwarts... There's only one story with that name... Harry Potter! I've transmigrated into the Harry Potter world. Haha! I'll meet the trio. I'll master magic-' Suddenly Chris' excitement was gone. 'Wait, didn't that man outside say I was a Squib... I don't have magical powers... There's no way. There's no way. There's absolutely no way. There's no way that I got sent to the Harry Potter Universe to become a Squib. Is the universe that cruel?'

Chris slumped.

"Am I going to live in this magical world without magic?" Chris said as he started to fall into despair.

Activating Wizardry System...

Host: Chris Kim now Chris Evergreen

Family: Evergreen Family

Wand: N/A

Magical Power: 1

Learned spells: 0

Money: 0 G 0 S 0 K

Host Level: 1

EXP needed to level up Host: 15

Chris' eyes turned wide.

'What is this? System? Is this the legendary System that every single light novel reader wants?' Chris thought excitedly.

-Hello Host, I am the Wizardry System and I was created to allow Host to survive in the Wizarding World. With this system, anything related to the Wizarding World can be learned and anything can be bought from potions to wands.-

'Who sent me here and what do they want me to do?' Chris asked.

-The System cannot answer that. As for the second part of the question, you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do.-

'Alright then, can you tell me information about the original owner of this body? I also heard something about the Evergreen Family as well. I'm sure that there wasn't an Evergreen family in the Harry Potter universe either,' Chris said to the System.

-You are correct Host. This is a parallel universe where there is a family called the Evergreen Family. Your new name is now Chris Evergreen, son of Bradley Evergreen and Lorraine Evergreen. The Evergreen is a powerful family with businesses spanning from pet selling, wand material supplying, to even having relatives in the Ministry of Magic. Overall, the family is extremely powerful and rich. You are the heir of the Evergreen Family and unlike most rich families where everyone tries to fight for power, there is no opposition within any relatives even deep within their hearts. However, the original body owner was supposed to be a Squib.-

'Wait does that mean I just stole someone's body?' Chris asked with a horrified expression. While he did want to stay in the Harry Potter world, it was not to the extent that he basically would kill someone over it.

Not exactly. The old owner's soul was in shambles after realizing that the Hogwarts letter that he was looking so forward to was not coming. He knew what a Squib was and how devastating it would be for the family and for his future. He felt reluctant to move on with life and that was when Host came in and took over. As for the soul of the original body, it has taken over Host's original body. Of course all records of Harry Potter has disappeared from that world entirely.

"Hmmm... if that's the case it's a win-win. He doesn't have to live in a world where he doesn't want to live in while I'll get to live in a world where I want to live in. Although switching parents is hard, since my parents are extremely warming, he'll have a good time," Chris mumbled.

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