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Wizard King System


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Working in an office can be tiring. It will drain all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations - said someone not very fond of their job. Thankfully, it seems like their complaints have been heard. Or maybe not. It could be an accident for all we know. After all, this person is, in a lot of ways, no material for the makings of an Isekai protagonist. No Sir/Ma'am, no noble traits here to brag about - neither the backstory of a betrayed assassin or peerless genius (this one, make no mistake, also betrayed by someone - wife/family/don't know/don't care). No, forget all of that. This is but a very, very, simple and materialistic employee with delusions of grandeur and success. *** A/N: - I own nothing but my name (if you are the owner of the cover image and want it removed, just contact me and I will see it done). - Release That Witch Fanfic - you really don't need to have read the original in order to enjoy. - Always appreciate people who correct typos (if you are one of those, bless your soul, truly). ... .. . - That's it, go read it.


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