2 I just can't forget him.

"You May Now Kiss The Bride!" The Minister Proudly shouts. We kissed deeply. "I love you, Drake." I whispered in his ear.

"Hello, Amelia?"


"You okay"

My therapist says worriedly.

I close my eyes and shake my head. "Hmm?"

"Amelia, I need you to focus. Forget Drake and move on" Those word echo in my head. 'Forget Drake and move on'. "What!?.." I sternly say. "Amelia, You cant keep thinking about Dr-" I cut her off I shouted at her. "NO, DONT YOU EVER TELL ME TO-" I stopped yelling. "I'm sorry." "I-I-I" I sighed. "I didnt mean it." The room was silent. Filled with a bunch of emotions. "Amelia, May I see your wrists again?"

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