3 Mum with a capital M

I end up going to the patio with my cup of tea, I see dark clouds forming around the field surrounding my vacation home. my thoughts drifting towards my life, work, and my family. I maintained a busy city life, I had to get away from that brisk world and I needed an escape from them, my family. It looks like they have found me and they are on their way to ruin my peaceful vacation. which I am spending with my best friend cara Maxwell. The blonde perky tall and tan beauty seems to be lost in her phone to notice that I have done most work around the house and am occupied by the porch. Cara is taller than merely by one head, I am just 4 feet tall though I am an adult. yes, you heard me right. I wanted to go on a vacation all alone because I enjoy being by myself but cara insisted to come along with me because she worries about me and knows that I need a friend. let's just say...I have deep scars, hidden traumas and way more emotional baggage that none can handle and no one should go through. And these couple of years has been extremely hard for me. as always, my life is very hectic but the main cause of distress would be my mother. she was a force to reckon with. I can hear my mother's car pull over at the gate and soon enough my sister emerge at the door, looking like the hostile, moody teenage brat she was and then I met my mother's disapproving, disheartened gaze. I could not help looking away from the stare, a sense of terror rose in me. you see, she programmed me into thinking that I should always obey her every command on a whim, I was instructed to always do as I was told by the concept it may not be wrong and it's not as bad it sounds but if you dig deep enough...haven't you noticed when you are being manipulated and lied to and mentally tortured or abused emotionally, physically and mentally at a tender age itself? I....feared my mother. Trying to act bravely as if I was not affected by her since I know I'm not a child anymore, I tried to say something but I just couldn't open my mouth, I froze up and waited for what she wanted to say.

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