1 chose to break the rules

I hear distant thunder and I sense that it's raining heavily. I hear the violin and the piano playing a melody that was so soothing, something lonely about it. like a snowflake in a dark painting. have you ever imagined such a painting? black background, a rough edge to it....it almost looks like there is a hidden picture of a wolf. If you look close enough you'd see it, but most for most people, it's just a painting of a single snowflake painted on a plain black canvas. suddenly I see...a pink sky and an eerie voice saying " be warned of the red sky on a twilight, red sky at dawn, be delighted. And then...I was in a cone, a hurricane. The cone is what they call a possible track of a hurricane. since storms can be very unpredictable. Cone of uncertainty, storms, a willow tree crying and a path filled with dried and withered poinciana flowers from one of the many trees in a cemetery. someone...almost six foot tall and his biceps and shoulders so wide in black jeans, tight black T-shirt, black boots, his hair falling carelessly in thick long waves around his face. he blended into the night so well it's too dark to see his expression even when the moon seems to shine on his face.... I can somehow make I can make out which expression it was, why obviously he was just glaringly and his knuckles....balled into fists....i can see some scars even. He scream "darkness" except his eyes. As grey as the clouds over us...they seem to be burning with such passion and filled with curiosity and somehow a little...warm...towards me? but they seem to change into dull dead eyes now. pale hands seems to hold me tight adequately not to hurt me in anyway, his handsome face near me though now we were adrift at sea, waves crushing about above us, oh why? what am I seeing? where am I?

I felt like crying my heart out my heart, it feels heavy and it hurts. perhaps I'm having a panic attack. I don't know why I'm reacting this way, if this reaction is the outcome of my fear, why, I have already experienced drowning twice now or.... was I afraid of losing him?

And then..... I woke up.

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