1 Chapter 1: Like Me

Chapter 1

Every now and then there always seems to be a twist, a climax, to a person's life. And no matter how much one tries to run away from their fate, they can never escape it. Tears brimmed in Felicia's eyes as the view of her bedroom ceiling came into view. That's right, she couldn't escape her fate. She was bound to be a sacrifice, an escape for her aunt and uncle.

It's been 10 years since they took over her parent's company and they were her legal guardians. Making her they're daughter's scapegoat after running the company dry of funds and drowning in debt. Greed was what flowed in their veins, they couldn't live becoming poor because they've become accustomed to living off the luxury and belongings her parents worked hard for, leaving her to fend for herself majority of the time.

Today was the day. The day she'd be sold off as a sacrificial item to help them live comfortably in the lives they had robbed her of. Denying the proposal was out of the question as her grandmother's medical fee was the only thing riding on it. Letting out a sigh, she wiped the tears that threatened to fall out of her eyes.

'This is for the best'

She consoled herself. Anything was better than living in a home that treated her like a non-existent entity. She was going to live well and she was going to live how she wanted. She was going to educate herself properly and become somebody in life. She was not going to let this become a hindrance in the life she wanted to lead. Alexander Stills. That was his name. Billionaire tycoon known to have worked from nothing becoming the person he is today. Hardly anyone knew how he looked and the rumours that circulated him were not so pleasant to the ear.

'He must be like me' Felicia thought to herself.

The deal was simple. Felicia simply had to marry him and his family would cancel the debt owed as well as assist her family get back on their two feet. Why her? Her 'guardians' felt it was the best way to get rid of a buzzing unwanted fly out of the family. What puzzled her continuously was the fact that a common nor like her was getting married to a wealthy man who was probably a king in his social standing. What would they gain? She couldn't understand.

Getting up she headed to the bathroom getting ready to prepare herself for the meeting that was soon to take place in the late evening. Running the tap she washed her face and looked up to the mirror. There was nothing beautiful to her in her eyes. Her plain auburn eyes shown with a tinge of red, her hair a dark brown, her lips tinted a normal pink. There was nothing special about her. Plain. That's what reflected in the bathroom mirror. Letting out a sigh, she took a shower letting her thoughts run wild.

Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel, her shoulders slouching, unprepared for what was going to happen for the rest of her life. Opening her closet she pulled out one of the only stunning dresses she had left in memory of her mother. Looking at the white dress with a flowery feel that crusade down to the ankles. She dressed into it giving herself a twirl. Even the dress was prettier than her. She smiled inwardly at the joke she had made of herself. Grabbing her mother's wedding jewellery that she had stashed away in the compartment under her bed, she looked at the glimmering silver jewels that shone brightly. Her heart ached at the memory of her parents that were no longer there for her. Closing her eyes, she picked her mood up again.

'Now is not the time to be dwelling on old memories. Get yourself together Fel'

Finishing up, she headed down the stairs to the busy household that was preparing to welcome renowned guests. Whilst walking she ran into her Aunt, Madeline, that continuously yelled at the help to fix things.

"Oh, Fel, you're done?"

She questioned looking at her up and down. A small frown etched on Madeline's face as her eyes caught sight of the necklace and earing that graced Felicia's milk-white skin. Wanting to reprimand her, Madeline, held back her words, knowing today was the last day that the pest that disturbed their lives would remain in the household.

"Okay, you look good, do not embarrass us. Your uncle seems to be in a bad mood, do not let this flop. This is important in making the family flourish. Also, you're marrying into a well-known family, so put on a smile would you?"

Madeline reprimanded. Felicia's heart caught on fire as her anger rose. They were just kicking her out. That's what they wanted to do ever since they took over everything when her parents had passed on at the age of 12. Sighing, she took small breaths, trying to keep herself from lashing out. An obnoxious laugh rang in her ears as her annoyance rose.

"She's marrying a person whose face is unknown to the majority of the world, of course, she can't put on a smile. It's bitter isn't it dear Fel?"

Her cousin, Ibelina, mocked. Turning to face her, Felicia slapped a smile on her face covering her anger and annoyance the family that took from her but dared to treat her his way. Life wasn't fair. Why could they not marry off their precious daughter? About to answer her cousin with words of poison the doorbell cut her off.

"Oh my, they are here already? Lina my dearest, go call your father." Madeline screeched in a nervous tone.

Her uncle made his way down the stairs and towards the entrance, sweat covering his forehead. What was he so worried about? Felicia squinted her eyes at her uncle's suspicious behaviour as he disappeared behind the wall leading to the entrance. Laughter filled the entrance as a beautiful couple made their way in the house. Smiles etched their faces as they locked eyes with Felicia.

The woman walked up to Felicia her hand caressing her face. Turning to face Madeline.

"My word Madeline, is she the one? Beautiful. She's perfect for our Alex. Don't you think dear?"

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She questioned her husband, as he nodded with a warm smile. She then turned back to Felicia with admiration In her eyes. 'beautiful' was not a word Felicia was used to hearing. A blush spread on her face as she looked anywhere but the woman in front of her. A chuckle escaped the woman. Alana, Alexander's mother seemed to be in awe as she could not take her eyes off Felicia. A beautiful girl who resembled her late mother.

"Alex seems to be running a bit late, he's been so engrossed in the company work ever since he took over, I apologize for his tardiness."

"There is no need to apologize, life with a company is a lot of work. Then, Shall we move top the dining area?"

Her uncle said with a shaky voice. Everyone made their way to the dining area. Alexander's, who was still to make an appearance, the seat was empty next to Felicia. the dining room filled with chatter, as Felicia played with the food on her plate.

'This is really happening'

She thought to herself, as a pang made its way in her heart. Forcing herself to smile, she allowed her pain to go unnoticed. One of the maids made her way to the dining area, speaking to her uncle as a shivering smile etched his face. Felicia kept her eyes down as she continued to get lost in her thoughts.

"I'm sorry I'm late, the meeting got held up longer than intended."

A deep, velvety voice graced everyone's ears. As footsteps echoed in the dining hall. Looking up, Felicia could not help but let her breath get caught up in her throat. She had never seen a person more handsome than the man in front of her. His dark black hair could blind a person a mile away. His cold deep blueish grey eyes locked with her own dull auburn eyes, sending shivers down her spine. Could a man as beautiful as this exist on earth? She questioned herself.

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