Tears were dripping on my face. My despair and sobbing echoed on the feild were blood spider lilies bloomed.

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Mother j-j-j-just hold on. J-j-j-just hold on. Someone will help us." I stuttered. As I held my dying mother in my arm. She was hit by an arrow on here upper right chest. Blood were overflowing from her wound. I tried to cover it with my palm. I coudn't help myself but to cry in despair.

" I lived a long life. Maybe it is my time. But it is helpless I couldn't see my daughter to get married and have a happy family." , my mother said while coughing with blood. Her breathe were slowing down. And it pains my heart so much. Like it is pierced with thousand needles.

" Ma, d-d-don't say that. You will see your precious daughter having a good life.". I faked a smile while sobbing. My mother reached out my face. Her palm were ice cold and trembling.

" My precious daughter. Have a good life. Don't let anyone know who you are. Now go! Go faraway that no one could recognize you. Don't comeback.", My mother then tried to push me away.

" Go! The guards are coming. "

So I looked afar and saw a group of gaurds running towards us. Trampling on the blood spider lilies everytime they step. My mother then handed her dagger. And tried to push me. But I don't want to let go.

" Go! Run! Don't look back!"

My tears were flowing intensely as I hesitantly let go my mother's hand.

"Go." , My mother said and smiled bitterly.

So I started to run. I ran as fast as I could. My tears were affecting my vision. I didn't care on what I stepped while I run. My eyes couldn't see clearly. It is harder to breathe everytime I step. My whole body is trembling. Both of my feet were going to collapse. It is only my determination to live that keeps me moving.

I have entered the forrest. The trees and vegetation gives me chills as I run for my life. I think the heaven is sympathizing to my emotion as it started to rain. The mud is making the path harder to run. Then suddenly my feet tripped from the roots that was exposed. And I fell and stumbled down to the side of the mountain. I covered my head with my hands while I was holding the dagger tightly. As I was rolling down my body hit to the roots of the tree and stones. Until I reached the foot of the mountain. I tried to stand up. Every grunt and attempt I made. It only made my body ached so much. The sound of the rain and my heavy breathing echoed in my head as I looked in the sky.

" Why?"

I mumbled to myself. Then I lose consciousness.


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