4 Year 5: 1st Magitsu

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It has been five years since I reincarnated in Harry Potter world. 2 years after coming here I got into an accident and have been shifted to Malfoy manor.

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When I first entered the Malfoy manor, "Welcome to the house baby.", Narcissa as the Lady of the house welcomed me though it wasn't ladylike and noble. Maybe, she loses her cool in front of me. Even though I was just 2 years old everyone knew I was better than kids of my age.

There were few hints I threw around indicating that I wasn't a child and I'd grown up. Like, when someone tried to treat me like a child I ignored them. I never wet the bed. I never talk much. Even if I'm not fed I don't cry. Well, the thing is I don't need to eat to survive. Like how Naruto gets chakra from Kurama, I get magic from my own world in a tiny amount. So, I don't need any food to survive.

Talking about the soul world in me, I found I couldn't enter it. Apparently, GOD thought I might spend all my time in there so he restricted it till my 5th b'day. He wanted me to fully integrate myself into this world. I don't know what that really means but he said it is important and I will know in the future.

Back to Malfoy Manor

I've been in Malfoy manor for a few months and Well, I don't know what to say. Apparently, Draco is really jealous of me. Draco as in the movie is like the tail of his father and Narcissa spends her time with me. Every time she tries to get along with Draco, he apparently gets angry runs away.

At first, Lucius was indifferent to me. He never talked to me nor cared for me. I even see some maliciousness in his eyes directed towards me. "Maybe he doesn't want his son to live in my shadow.", I used to think. Malfoy gets lots and lots of guests. All of them have one thing in common, i.e. they were pure-blood supremacists. And, since I'm a celebrity they were attracted to me. And boy, I love that. That's when Draco and Lucius had first started showing their maliciousness towards me.

Not that I care. He can't kill me as he has signed the magical contract that if I ever die or get harmed in any way Lucius and Malfoy's family will be convicted and killed. So, I'm safe here.

And, In these 3 years, I showed them that I can use magic. What happened was, there were guests and they had children with them. Narcissa to entertain kids used Lumos in the room and they were amazed. I thought it was time for me to show them my talent. So, I went to ask for her wand. She was amused. When I asked her wand the room was silent. I was more popular than I previously thought I was. Everyone was watching me as I took the wand from Narcissa. I with my baby voice said Lumos and there was a blinding light in the room. Everyone was speechless. They didn't know what to say.

Out of nowhere, Narcissa clapped and the entire room followed her lead. All the kids were looking at me with star eyes while Draco was angry. "What is so great about that? I can do it too." He then grabbed the wand from my hand and angrily said, "Lumos", and the wand snapped. It broke because of a magic power outburst. Draco was hurt by splinters piercing his hand. There were chaos and kids had bigger stars in their eyes looking at me while parents had some complicated look.

Since then Draco and I belonged to a different shore. Lucius took his side while Narcissa took mine. I knew slowly this gap will widen until one of us will be out of the game. "Sigh, not my fault. Lucius didn't teach his son properly and Draco followed his father."

The next day, Narcissa and Lucius visited my room. I saw a new wand in Narcissa's holster and they had another wand with them.

"This is a gift for your first successful magic spell.", It was Lucius who came near me and spoke. He smiled looking at me. "Where is the plot going on?" I was confused.

Still, I finally got the wand. Now I can study magic and Loring properly. I also got lots of magical props and books as a gift. I didn't need any of them. So, I put them in my trunk maybe I will have use of them in the future. Since I was a genius, my reading books didn't garner any attention while Draco and his follower were fumbling in anger. And, I started spending my time reading books to get more power.

One day out of nowhere Eve rang a message, "Host isn't allowed to read any Hogwarts Book before 3 months of starting of the year. And, no magic spell to be used until 3 months prior to the school. Or, Creator God has decided to take all your power."

"What the fuck?? I can't use magic spells? Or read any Hogwarts book 3 months before school. Are you sure Eve? What am I supposed to do?", I screamed with a fake cry.

"Idiot host, don't you have knowledge of Naruto world? Use it.", replied Eve.

I was shocked. I felt as if I had some wisdom bestowed upon me. Dang, it, Being in the Harry Potter world I decided to pursue ancient magical ways. But, I forgot I had a Naruto Knowledge system. "Thanks, Eve.", I was really thankful for her.

"It's ok. Idiot Host.", the robotic voice came back as an arrow and pierced my fragile heart.

Now, It's time to develop ninjutsu. No, wait it will be Magitsu. Then I started to look for books on the fundamentals of magic. I needed to know how magic operates. Since I'd fully develop my magic paths I was ready. I then summoned Dobby and asked him to bring me some water balloons and air balloons but made of thick rubber. Dobby was happy to get his first work. He just went like snap and after a minute he came with a snap. With him were lots of water and air balloon.

And the coincidence is Narcissa entered the room. When she saw all the balloons in the room she thought I had become a normal kid playing with balloons and stuff. She was happy for me. Then she asked, "Dobby where did you get these balloons?"

"Dobby got it from a shop.", Dobby replied with pride and enthusiasm.

"Did you pay?", Narcissa asked with a frown.

"Dobby didn't pay. Dobby is bad. Bad Dobby.", Then he started his self-loathing routine.

Narcissa was about to scold him but I spoke, "Sorry aunt I asked him to get them but I didn't give him any money. It is my fault." And I bowed to her.

Both Narcissa and Dobby were speechless. They almost had their jaw fell on the floor. Narcissa smiled and came near me again squeezing me, "It's okay child. I knew you were their son but you are more kind than them.", I again felt her tears on my shoulder.

Then she moaned in pain. "What happened auntie? Are you in pain?", I asked with some concern.

She blushed, "No. It's fine." She tried to get away from me but I grabbed her and looked at her face, "tell me what happens."

Then she spoke, "Nowadays, Draco hasn't been coming to get breast milk and now my boobies are getting bigger and painful."

Since she is the only person who loved me in this world I couldn't see her in pain. So, I suggested, "Why don't you let me help you?", I looked at her with a gaze filled with love.

She wanted to refuse but seeing my sincere care for her she agreed. She knew I had never had a mother's milk so, she came to the bed and opened her coat. Then, She asked me to come to her. She then put me in a sleeping position in her lap and she herself bent a little to put her boob in my mouth. I then started to suck the breasts.

I was genuinely loving her and wanted to help her but I was a teen in my last life who died a virgin. SO, I decided to tease her little. I moved my tongue around her nipple. She shivered but didn't have any more reaction. Then I upped my work. I bite her nipple a little trying not to cause her wound. She then moaned a little. I then stopped teasing.

After about half an hour our breastfeeding session ended. She then got out of the room quietly with a blush on her face.

Ok, I had the meal now time for some magitsu training.

Like in Naruto I first took a water balloon in my hand and started pumping magic in it. After some time I started rotating it in a random direction. I ended up using all the magic in me. I was tired. It took me the next full day to burst the water balloon. After that was an air balloon. I used an air balloon and did the same to it. After 3 days I finally made a mini Rasengan and I fainted.

I woke up in bed. Narcissa was in the side sleeping with me. Maybe She was worried so she slept with me. I moved from my side to her and hugged her. She again moaned in pain. Then I thought, Maybe she needs to clear her breasts. I opened her gown and started sucking her boobs. She moaned in pleasure. During all this, she didn't wake up.

The next day, I woke up not seeing Narcissa in bed. Maybe she had gone to do her work. I got up and after having a meal I started finishing my first magitsu. Since I had full magic I knew I could create a perfect Rasengan. And, After a few tries I made it. I completed my first magitsu.

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