3 Year 2: To the House Malfoy


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Orion POV,

After few days of being reborn, I unlocked the magic path and magic nodes in my tiny body. I used to manipulate the magic in and around my body. This had become everyday routine for me in cradle. Only when Moody or Dumbledore or some prominent people were there did I stop meditating. They might find what I'm doing. And, yes they come to see me. Even though Theseus Scammander was the head auror, he couldn't come So, they asked Rufus Scrimgeour or Moody to accompany me during my visit to St. Mungo.

Due to the stronger quality of my magic power my body grew up to be healthy, strong and immensely cute. About 2 years were gone by and I still had to act like a child. Eve told me not to do any heavy work requiring large amount of magic. So, I just manipulated my magic. After two years of practicing I was able to perfectly manipulate magic in my body.

During this time my grandfather Oliver Olivander died. My other grandfather Garrick Olivander became my legal guardian. Garrick being a wand maker doesn't really care about dark lord or leader of light. But, still he respects Dumbledore a lot. Maybe that's why he wants to teach me wandlore because Dumbledore asked him. In my view, Dumbledore wants to bind me with wand Loring. Wand makers spend their entire life just making wands. They don't have time for any other things. And, For Dumbledore's greater good he doesn't want me to develop.

And yes, I chose Olivander family to be reborn into, because of wand lore talent. Wand is the only way for wizard to cast spell. Even though few people could cast some simple magic without wands. And, Olivanders being renowned wand makers, their knowledge and talent that has even been imbedded into their blood passing through generations; knowledge and talents being strengthened. Olivanders has the knowledge and Orion has the epitome of talent. I don't know what happened for me to have dark and light magic in me but I know I have talent in light and dark magic too.

During this time, I read quite a lot of books on wand lore. The book had detailed diagram and explanation on wand lore. I didn't read the book but I copied the book using system. And, Now I have all the book Olivander family have with me. I read those book all the time. I understood why different woods were being used, why different cores were used. I also understood the structure and magic flow line in them. I used Byakugan to understand them.

I actually got Byakugan during one hidden mission. I don't know if it was mission or not but Eve game me Byakugan ability. But without attack power. What happened was, I was trying to understand actual working of wand with no fruitful result. After weeks without result Eve sent me a notification, "Hidden Mission accomplished: Make GOD have pity on you"

"Creator GOD seeing you working so hard had pity on you and decided to give you Byakugan to understand wand lore. He has asked you to use it properly and not disappoint him. As for Sharingan you can unlock yourself. But you wont have susanoo. As for Mangokyu you will know later. And for Rinnegan you should first understand life and death. Anyway, have fun. Also, Don't go against the fate/prophecy of the boy who lived. You have been warned"

I was happy, sad, angry all at the same time. I was happy that I got Byakugan and I can understand wand lore more. I was sad that GOD had Pity and Angry that I can't kill Voldemort. I was able to see magic paths and magic flow in items and human body while long range was only about 500 meters. It is neither long nor short. It means I can only see up to Hogwarts and surrounding area. It is really good. But I couldn't see through wards made for protection against magic sensing. Maybe it was also nerfed for me.

Basically, Byakugan was given just to help me with Wand Loring and understanding magic. Not that I complain but with so much nerfing Byakugan has just become a magic eye like Moody's but a lot better. Since I can see magic flow lines I can see wards around the Daigon Alley. I can see magic flowing in the lines. I wondered if I can break the wards. So, I did a stupid thing.

I wanted to play with the wards and tried doing so in wards protecting the shop. I tried to inject magic in one of the line but suddenly, it exploded. There was a chaos around the shop. within a minute or two aurors descended. Actually they apparated. Due to blasting, I got shock and fainted. I was in coma for 2 days. I woke up third day and found Narcissa and Lucius with, Dumble and Moody. I was awake but I didn't get up and decided to listen to their talk. It wasn't much. But, I was flustered with the news that a death eater was found near the shop trying to run away. Aurors chased him but he suicided. What a coincidence.

I opened my eyes. Seeing this Narcissa came to me, "Orion. How you doin' baby??" Then she hugged me. I was happy and ashamed at the same time that I made her worry. She loved me. Maybe the only person who loves me in this world. After that Narcissa stayed with me for the day. Lucius returned to his manor.

You might ask where dobby is. Well, Dobby was sitting in the corner with his ears low. "Dobby couldn't protect master. Bad Dobby. Bad Dobby." Unlike in the original where he hit himself. Actually, few months ago I fell down the staircase and Dobby was beating himself. I couldn't see this and ordered him that he can never harm himself. And, also ordered him not to spy on me. He was reluctant but agreed.

When he wasn't there I experimented with the wards and here I'm. Seeing Dobby in corner, I thought, "Maybe I should do something about Dobby. No, Maybe all the house elves. And, also magical creatures." They are mistreated in the original story. And, my soul world is really big without any magical creature in it. I want to make it magical world.

I wanted to complete Hogwarts education in fastest way possible but didn't have access to the textbook. I couldn't buy with all those eyes set upon me. I couldn't show my real talent yet. Not until I enroll at Hogwarts. I wanted to work in dark till then. Moreover, I was just 2 years old. Two years old. Means still sucking mommy's boobs. I had many thoughts coming on my mind.

"Damn, I wonder how Harry is doing. I don't know whose life is bad, I can eat and sleep in peace but don't know when they will convict and kill me but Harry had so much trouble as a child but can survive no matter what. I wonder if I should change that.", While I was contemplating about everything Few days passed and I was discharged.

But, there was a twist. Narcissa complained that I wasn't safe anymore in Daigon Alley. So, she wanted to bring me with her. Out of my expectation, Minister agreed. They didn't want to spend aurors and galleon on me. Maybe Narcissa herself gave the idea to Fudge. Later I found Narcissa showed that I'm a harmless child and even if I'm the butcher in the prophecy, if ministry would help me then they would be spared. Fudge that coward agreed. Not that I complain. Actually, I was very happy. Maybe, I should make use of ministry.

I also hastily agreed since I had nothing to do with Olivanders. I have got all the knowledge I needed. And, Malfoys have everything I need. And, after few days I settled with Malfoys. "Now, Malfoys shall be my stepping stone. If they are evil they shall die if they are good they shall be spared.", with this thought, I entered the Malfoy Manor for the firsts time.


Sorry guys writing time-skip was all about story telling in indirect speech. So, it doesn't have conversation in it. There will be 2 such chapters. 5th year timeskip and 10th year timeskip. After that will be Hogwarts express. Anyway thanks for patience. love ya all.

1. Wand lore doesn't just deal with wands but also other magical artifacts and all.

2. And As for Woman being too old then I have only one thing to say, Immortal people doesn't care 'bout age. And, yes MC will be immortal. And, I've not decided what to do with MC's romance life. And I won't be writing 18+chapters. I will just pair them and rest is for your own imagination.


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