1 Chapter 1 Sy

Sy opened her eyes to see it just before dawn. This made the little girl give a great toothy smile. She moved to sit up in bed and listen while holding her breath in anticipation.

The house, as Sy listened, seemed to be as quiet as a stone. Again the child smiled, feeling a laugh behind her teeth. She curled up her hands to make small fists and shook them with excitement.

Fantastic! Sy thought, ripping off the matted quilt. She didn't bother with it falling to the floor as she jumped out. Though she knew her mother would scold her for doing so. Suppose she had seen it, anyway.

"But she's still asleep," Sy whispered to the stuffed owl on her dresser. Affectionately named Mr. Peanut, by herself truly.

Sy moved to press her finger to her lips and make a soft hush. As if the bird were to come back to life and squawk. Sy knew this to be a silly motion. But it still didn't hurt to be cautious.

After all, one never knew what goings on's happened in a witch's house.

"And I can't afford to have her wake up anytime soon." Sy again warned the owl.

She found her work dress, a shabby bit of old cotton riddled with hemp patches, and pulled it down over her head. Sy then moved onto her shoes, pulling boots from underneath her bed. She tied them up quickly before standing.

Next, Sy moved to lift a satchel from the nearby wooden chair. It hung down to her knees, and she had to knot it up to bring it to rest at her hip. Now complete, she turned on her heel and made for the door. She tried for the doorknob.

As it turned, she heard a gentle click and made to pause. Again, she listened while holding her breath. It still seemed silent.

Sy let out a silent breath of relief. She then gently pushed open the door with both hands. Again, tactfully trying to be as quiet as possible for a child.

"Watch my stuff till I come back," Sy whispered to the stuffed bird. It responded with a mere glint of its glass eyes. The child took this to be a good sign. She gave a clumsy curtsy to him before turning into the hall.

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