31 Underground

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Heath was very confused. "Who on earth would have the guts to come to the territory of the Shadow Tower and feed the Forest Banshee with the population of the Shadow Tower?"

Putting this question aside for the time being, Heath thought about how to break this defensive spell.

The Forest Banshee was a very precious magic material, and it was related to a spell experiment that Heath had wanted to try for a long time... Since there was such an opportunity now, he naturally couldn't miss it.

Was he afraid of encountering a Wizard?

The probability of this was very small. Moreover, the Underdark Treesea was a place that followed the rules. If he really encountered a Wizard, it would be the safest. As for those below the Wizard Apprentice level... With Heath's current strength, even if he couldn't defeat them, wouldn't he be able to escape?

With this decision, Heath placed a hand on the tree trunk, closed his eyes, and released a spiritual tentacle to try and break this spell.

In terms of strength, it was possible to break spells and arrays left behind by others as long as they were of the same level. For example, a low-level Apprentice's strength could break a peak-level Apprentice-level spell.

However, in practice, more than 90% of advanced-level and peak-level Apprentices could not even break a low-level Apprentice-level spell.

This was because breaking a spell did not require strength, but knowledge.

It required a solid foundation of knowledge, a thorough understanding of runes, the structure of various spells, and a sufficient amount of basic knowledge.

Most Apprentices were busy training and improving their strength, so their grasp of knowledge was actually very unreliable.

But Heath was an exception.

With the powerful extraction function of the system, he could easily grasp any knowledge. All the contents of the Shadow Tower Library were already in his sea of consciousness, and his knowledge was even superior to some Wizards.

Because of this, it was easy for him to break the spells left behind by others. As long as they were at the same level, it would not be difficult for him.

Soon, Heath had already figured out the level and structure of this spell.

This was a mid-level defensive spell for Apprentices. Its purpose was to change the molecular structure of the bark, so that the bark had a defensive power comparable to that of metal.

If Heath had been a little apprehensive about the opponent's strength before, then the apprehensions in his heart had already been reduced by half.

The defensive spells set up by Wizards were generally of a higher level than their own strength. The spells set up by the opponent were only intermediate-level Apprentice-level, so their strength was probably not that strong.

From the structure of the opponent's spells, the knowledge used was also very shallow. Some parts were even very rough, and it was obvious at a glance that they were not particularly powerful.

Then, Heath began to crack it.

The spiritual tentacles spread out and wrapped around one runic structure after another. Like a screw, they disassembled the runes one by one.

As the key runes were disassembled, the spell soon lost its effect. A model was left empty, like a machine that disassembled energy.

Heath tried to extract the spare model according to the usual practice: 'Extract.'

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained Spell Model, 'Hardening'.]

Large segments of the runic structure surged into Heath's mind. It was the complete model of this defensive spell.

Heath grinned. 'It really works!'


At this moment, the treetop shook.

The trunk of the oak tree suddenly underwent a shocking change.

A crack appeared in the middle of the trunk, and the crack rapidly expanded to both sides, quickly forming a hole in the tree.

Looking down through the hole, the bottom was actually hollow.

A long old tree root was like a slide, spiraling down.

It was as if it was leading to another world.

"It should have escaped down here."

Heath touched his chin and looked at the old tree root.

There were traces of blood on the tree root.

Then, he lowered his body and entered the tree hole. Then, he jumped onto the slide-like tree root and slid down the tree root.


This was the sound of his boots sliding past the tree root.

The tree root was very smooth and the slope was very high. It spiraled down. After a few rounds, he quickly came to the bottom.

Jumping down from the roots, Heath looked around.

It was a spacious underground space, about three to five meters in diameter. On the ground were tangled roots, weeds, strange plants, and thin roots hanging down from the top of his head.

Contrary to his expectations, it was not dark, but rather bright.

Sunlight penetrated through the crevices and interweaved into beams of light in the space, illuminating the floating dust inside, leaving mottled light and shadows, illuminating the underground world.

Along with the strange creatures around him, a beautiful and fantastical underground scenery unfolded before Heath's eyes like a picture scroll.

Quiet, beautiful, and strange.

Looking at the fantasy world in front of him that was like a paradise, Heath could not help but take a few more glances.

"It's said that there are civilizations underground in this world. I wonder what those civilizations look like?"

Work hard and cultivate. With more time, he would be able to see more scenery!

Retracting his thoughts from running away, Heath walked forward.

Creak! Creak!

His boots made a crisp sound as they stepped on the flotsam and rotten leaves piled up on the soft ground.


The disturbed underground creature squeaked as it spread out in all directions.

A fist-sized spider with spiral patterns on its butt caught Heath's attention.

He immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed it: Wizard's Hand!

Immediately, an invisible arm seemed to reach down and grab the spider. The running spider suddenly flew up and floated towards Heath.

Heath stretched out his hand and grabbed the spider to take a closer look. He could not help but say, "As expected, it is indeed a Spiral Spider."

This was a low-grade insect material recorded in books.

Heath looked around. "It seems that this place has a lot of low-grade materials. Was it nurtured by that Wizard?"

The elemental content of this area was very low. Naturally, it was impossible to breed a Spiral Spider.

As he guessed, Heath took out a dagger and stabbed at the spider's head, cutting off its central nerve. With a squeak, the struggling spider stopped moving.

After killing the spider, Heath immediately said, 'Extract.'

[Beep, extraction successful. Spirit +0.01]

Heath's face lit up. "Looks like I've found a good place!"

Putting the spider's corpse back into his dimensional pocket, Heath continued to move forward.

Along the way, all the elemental materials he saw, be it insects, plants, or creatures, were all captured by him and given a wave of attributes.

[Beep, extraction successful. Strength increased.]

[Beep, extraction successful. Agility increased.]

[Beep, extraction successful. Vitality increased.]

He continued to move forward. Soon, Heath arrived at the end of the underground cave.

The ground above this area was very thick, and there were no cracks in the ground. This caused the light to be unable to penetrate through, and the entire space seemed very dark.

There were some sawtooth plants with large leaves growing around him. The terrain seemed somewhat complicated.

Heath narrowed his eyes and began to search carefully. This was the end of the underground cave. The blood on the ground had stopped here.

Drip... Drip.

At this moment, the sound of water dripping could be heard.

A warm and moist feeling came from Heath's face. He subconsciously reached out to touch it.

It was blood.

Heath raised his head.

On the top, a snow-white humanoid creature was holding onto its roots from a dead angle. That big mouth full of sawteeth was facing him.

Their gazes intertwined.


The Forest Banshee let out a high-pitched scream in anger. Her entire body was like a spider that had descended from the sky. She opened her large bloody mouth and bit down at Heath!

Heath did not retaliate immediately. Instead, he carefully observed his surroundings. At the same time, he tapped the ground with the tip of his foot to dodge.

The Forest Banshee landed on the ground with a 'boom'. A large hole was blasted into the muddy ground. It then lifted its head up. Two red lights immediately shot out from the two small holes, but they were both dodged by Heath.

It then opened its mouth and spat out a thick red mist. The mist instantly filled the entire space, and the banshee immediately hid in the red mist.

"Haha! Hehe!" A woman's laughter came from within the mist.

Then, an arrogant female voice sounded, "Damn lowly peasant, lowly mudblood. I'm a noble princess! How dare you!"

A familiar voice appeared in the thick fog. It was Heath's fellow countrywoman, Karina.

At this moment, Karina's limbs were tied to the ground. She was lying on the ground like a female dog, completely naked.

She turned her head in anger. "You're a commoner, I'm a princess. If you dare to touch my hair, I'll chop you into pieces and feed you to the dogs!"

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