1 Pitch black (1)

Night has begun.

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But in that place, night and day couldn't be differentiated as shadows and fogs covered the entirety of that place. It looked like the land of the deaths.

Deep inside the black shadows and fogs, an illusory black castle stood tall and imposing. It was like the core of all those messy fogs and shadows. The owner of that place couldn't be any less majestic.

Suddenly, a light began to coagulate at the castle's head and slowly brightened up the whole place, everything was painted in white and one could only feel like getting blinded by the light!



Crack! Crack!

In the middle of nowhere on hearth, the fire cracked here and there as they slowly extinguished themselves for the day.

Lying in the middle of all this mess, a human body could be seen. Her body was covered by a long purple dress but it looked darker in the night. The dress was messy and a few tears were on it, leaving injured fleshes under.

Snowy white body, long black hair, and pink lips, the human body could only be a girl. Her body had scars all over and dirt covered up only a portion of her dress and body.

Her body looked cold like a dead person and didn't show any sign of life. The girl could only be a dead person.

But it was then…

Crack! Crack!

That young woman who should have been dead all along was showing signs of moving. Her eyelids twitched under the fire and silver moon.

Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, the girl's eyes shot open widely as two dark pupils were revealed!


The girl grunted painfully as she assessed her situation, and as she was still lying on the ground, she could only see up.

And what she saw made her take a long and deep breath.

Up there, there was a pitch-black sky whit no stars!

Only, a gigantic silver moon two times the usual size was hanging in the middle of that black sky. It was an horrific scenery, mysterious and magical!

'My throat...it feels so dry…'

Being faced with such a situation, she could only be speechless and think of something else.

The girl then started to move with much difficulty and barely managed to stand up with her stiff body screaming with itchiness and pain.

When she stood, she looked like a zombie coming out from the death. Stiff and soundless as her shoulders were coated by the silver moonlight, making the scene even more mysterious.

'Seriously...where...am I?'

As she grunted to reduce her discomfort, she began to look around, left, and right. And at some point, she managed to make out the place where she stood.

'Wood fragments and a strange giant wooden circle…'

Suddenly, the image of two horses carrying a strange wooden structure with two wheels came to her mind with a word as its description.

'A carriage.'

And as expected, when she looked at the side, she could see two fat and unmoving animals lying on the ground. But what made her surprised, was that there seemed to be a charred human body next to them as well.

Another thing came to her mind.

'An escort!'

'This man was probably the one managing those horses...he must also be dead.'

Surprisingly, her reaction over the three dead bodies was not of fear nor even panic. The girl that looks barely fourteen or fifteen in height looked calm and contemplative.

Her black eyes swept over them for a minute before turning to the last extinguishing fire.


As if to say goodby, it cracked loudly and vanished.

The girl then stopped eyeing the place and looked around. There were trees, bushes, and some leaves spread over the area. She already knew where she was.

A forest.

There she stood, silently in the middle of a forest, with nothing but the shining silver moonlight as a guide.

But what one did not expect, was that she had a lot going out in her mind.

'This place is definitely a freaking jungle.'

'I don't even know how I got there...in this body…'

'Last thing I remember was that I was searching for clues on my master's whereabouts and...I seemed to have dripped my blood on something...was it the reason I'm here?'

'Could it be the transmigration thing that master always told me about?'

'Fuck! If that's what it means then, all those great stories she told me about it were just sh*t!'

'What about waking up in the body of a goddess?'

'What about being the young miss of a renowned family?'

'What about having powers that could wide eye people?'

'All I can feel is waking up in a dead body bruised and bleeding all over, making me itchy!'

'Goddamn it! Those were all stories that she told me in order for me to not be faced with the cold hard truth!'

'But now, just look at how I'm being bathed with cold water all over…'

"Sight, I really regret this…"

Just as she said that the girl shivered slightly as a cold wind blew past her, making her feel discomfort all over.

Suddenly, she looked over the deceased body of the escort and stiffly and wobbly walked to him. When she was close enough, she saw a pouch, a golden monocle, and a glistening silver sword that was locked at his side.

She then bent over and with her left arm, she reached at the sword and took it.

'After taking over this body, I don't know what happened but I can't even use my own powers. I almost couldn't feel it if not for my strong will…'

'It's probably because this body is too weak and won't be able to take the full brunt of my powers.'

'I'm in the middle of a forest and I don't know what kind of danger I'll be facing. Heck! I could even die without knowing how it happened, so I can only…'

With a cold and silent look, her right fingers traced the cold surface of the sword as she examined it. It's metallic surface glinted slightly.

She then used the man's equipment to support the sword to her waist. She then looked over at the front of the forest. In there, she might not even know what she will be facing but still, she couldn't stay in one spot either. That would be too dangerous.

She had no choice but to go there and search for a place to hide in.

"Sight, master...making me take so much willpower to find you."

'It's all your fault!'

As she started to slowly walk in the dark forest, the moonlight shone on her body making her look like a ghost.

High up, there was a pitch-black sky with no stars.

In the middle, stood a gigantic silver moon.

Deep inside the forest, one could hear the howl of the wolves.

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