45 Prince Cian's Turn

"We are yet to be done, old man," Arlan said as he stood up.

"G-Guards!" the general managed to call out, but perhaps he was in too much pain; it was barely a croak. 

Arlan was about to punch the general's mouth, but Cian held his hand. "Let him be."

Seeing the fierce expression on the brown-haired prince's face, Arlan knew that Cian had other plans and didn't hit the general. 

"Guards!" the general called out again, but this time loud enough for people outside the room to hear. In no time, two guards appeared at the door. 

Seeing the general and other soldiers on the floor, they raised their swords towards Cian and Arlan.

Arlan was ready with his sword while Cian pulled out two yellow pouches tied at his waist from the slit of his outer robes. 

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Cian looked at the guards, showing them those two heavy-looking pouches. "Now, decide if you want to die like these four soldiers or want this gold."

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