46 Long Awaited Prey

"Before coming here, I visited Marquis Percy's chamber," Cian informed with a cold tone.

"Ah." That explained why Cian had that much gold. If Arlan was to guess, those several pouches of gold were enough to support a small village for a lifetime or two. "Who would have known that the Crown Prince of Abetha is a thief?"

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"Doesn't matter as long as I can save myself and the recklessly brave Crown Prince of Griven." 

The two continued walking in silence. Outside, they could hear people shouting. 


After a while, Cian asked, "Give me an update on everything. How did you come here, and how do we  escape from here?"

Before Arlan could respond, the floor shook, causing them to lose balance and hold the wall for support. No, not just the floor. The entire castle was shaking as if there was an earthquake, but the shaking stopped only after several seconds. 

"Seems like the devil is out," Arlan commented with a serious expression. 

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