205 Bowing To The Queen

When the Queen's carriage was seen moving inside the grounds of the royal palace, whoever noticed it, whether it was a servant, noble or royal, stopped on their tracks to pay respect to the passing carriage. Though they had not seen their queen yet, those within the palace recognized the carriage bearing the royal crest that represents the Queen of Megaris, and that alone was enough for everyone to bow their heads without a second thought. 

The sun was the symbol for the Ivanov Royal Family, and the royal crest for the Queen of Megaris was the same except for the one small difference—that shining sun had a flying phoenix bird with its elegant wings wide open carved in the center. That crest was meant for the Phoenix of the Kingdom. Similarly, Drayce's crest had a dragon carved on it in the center to show he represented the Dragon of the Kingdom.

"It's Her Majesty the Queen!"

"Bow to her."


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