44 Arlan's Revenge

General Giles was shocked to see the tall young man with short golden brown hair, who was wearing a slightly tattered long white silk robe with the crest of the Royal Family of Abetha embroidered on its sleeves. 

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The Crown Prince of Abetha, Cian Ilven.

His sapphire blue eyes glared fiercely at the Thevailes general, and his gaze looked like a sharp blade ready to kill the person in front of him at a moment's notice. His blood-coated sword, added with the anger in his eyes, made him look like someone even a madman should be wary of.

Arlan smiled wickedly at the fierce prince. As princes of allied kingdoms belonging to the same age group, the two of them had met and interacted with each other several times in countless formal occasions. He could understand how furious and humiliated Cian might be feeling. To be captured in his own territory and to be brought into an enemy kingdom against his will, his desire for revenge must be overflowing. 

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