1 Chapter one: New beginning

Y/N pov

"Its okay, Y/N. This is what you need. This is what's best for you." I reassured myself as I continue to pack all my belongings and get ready to move to a new city. A place where my past won't be able to chase after me.

After losing both of my parents in a tragic incident, my uncle and his wife took me in and always made me feel like a part of the family which I am really grateful. However, now that I am eighteen, I must not rely on them anymore. Therefore, I decided to move to Seoul from Busan and continue my senior year of high school there.

"Can I come in?" My uncle asks after knocking on my door twice

"Of course, uncle."

"Are you ready? The taxi is here to take you to the train station." He said with a hint and sadness in his voice but I pretend not to notice as I know he will try to stop me from going .

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"I am ready, I'll be there in two minutes." I reply back with a fake smile.

Surprisingly I managed to catch my train on time, since my aunt was practically forcing my to stay but after taking some time, she finally agreed to let me go.

"I think you're sitting in my seat, little lady." A stranger with a strong aura who appeared out of nowhere points at me. I blankly stare at him trying to see his face which is covered by the mask he is wearing which only shows his eyes. Those eyes...those gorgeous brown eyes, they make my heart skip a beat as soon as I made eye contact with him. They're so beautiful, I can see the whole galaxy in them... I can't look away even though I'm trying to.

"Hello?" The stranger spoke again with his deep voice waving a hand in front of my face making my snap out of my zone.

"No... this is my seat." I hesitantly speak up "You can see it here on my ticket..." however as I look up to show him my ticket, he was gone. "Where did he go and who was he?"

Well whoever that was, he sure seemed strange and his eyes...

"No!" I yell at myself to stop me from thinking about him.

*Three Hours Later*

Finally here. Seoul. I hope this new beginning brings out a new me.