Wish System: I have new mission every day
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Wish System: I have new mission every day


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What is Wish System: I have new mission every day

Wish System: I have new mission every day is a popular web novel written by the author I_just_want_To_eat, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, HAREM, CULTIVATION, TRANSMIGRATION, SYSTEMADMINISTRATOR, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 64.7K readers . The novel is being serialized to 58 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


One day Ye Cang reincarnates with a wish system in the different World which is like a combination of the prehistoric era and cultivation world. Fulfill the wish of demons from the demon world!! Fulfill the wish of Cultivators from the Cultivation world!! Earn wish points from the wish system by completing tasks. Do you say there are limited tasks? It does not exist for me!! Brother gets tasks every day!! There is only a shortage of time no shortage of tasks. Complete the task earn points marry a Cold Sword fairy from the cultivation world or a wild fox Queen from Demon world !!


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I usually read for fun... if there is too much drama... and too much tragedy I don't like the.. this one is good easy going type..[img=recommend][img=recommend] but chapters are little to short sometimes and poster doesn't suit the story


I think there is still improvement especially in description of the surroundings, plot, character design and he writing quality. I was bothered by the dialogues that seems to be identical. Character dialogues and the System dialogues should be easily recognized. Is what I think. And the feelings and emotion is lacking. Even if it's in third's perspective, I can't imagine what is the face that the mc is making and what is the sorroundings. That's all! I wish you a good day.


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