1 Souls pt1

This one-shot is a werewolf soulmate au

When you meet your soulmate you shift for the first time


Sam is an omega

Bucky is an alpha


Sam was an average werewolf like all the other werewolves  in his town they had soulmates but if you counted that Sam was thirty and still hadn't found his then he wasn't normal. most werewolf's found there's when they turned 18 but Sam was different everyone felt sorry for him and told Sam he was special but Sam sure didn't think so "Sam, Sam!" Sam shakes his head quickly before glancing up at his mother

"Sam when are you gonna accept that you may never find them" Sam glances down seeing he was rubbing his mark it was a beautiful mark of a white wolf with piercing blue eyes "sorry ma, it just I really want to meet them and shift into my wolf for the first time" Sam glances at his mark again and stands "it's okay son you meet him one day soon" sam's mother then turns back to dinner "sure ma" Sam scoffs "their probably dead!" sam's mother gasps "Sam! Take that back!" Sam scowls "no mother it's true everyone else shifted on their 18 birthday" sam's mother lifts his chin up to look him in the face "sam you'll find them soon" Sam gulps "I hope so ma I hope so" He then gets up and leaves the house slamming the door behind him heading towards the old forest.


"Stupid soulmates" mutters Sam as the man looks up he sees a building up ahead its covered mostly in moss and leaves "hu I wonder wer... AHH"  Sam screams as he hits the bottom of a basement looking up he sees a trap door up above him "ohh f*ck now I'm stuck in this hole "hmm are you now little omega" Sam screams "who said that" Appearing out of nowhere is a white wolf with bright shining eyes and sharp teeth "hello Sam" it growls "Sam's eyes widen "white wolf" he whimpers glancing down at his arm he looks only to see identical images "your, your, you're my mate, you're my mate" Sam groans as a feeling of nausea overcomes him the only thing he hears is an alpha growl of "yes I am little omega, now die"

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