1 Bully!

Hellion, stood up from her seat and went to go ask the lunch lady for a milk carton. As, she came back with it open she spilled it all over a guy in a wheelchair.

"Oops, didn't see you." She said with a smirk on her face towards him but for everyone else she was innocent.

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He just looked up at her and blinked away the milk dripping from his eyelashes. A lunch lady came to push the wheelchair he was on away to the men's restroom. Hellion, walked back to her seat and tried to hold in her teasing laugh. When he came back changed in a different outfit the school bell rang and he could no longer finish his food. Everyone, walked around him and left to their destinations. Hellion, swung her backpack around her back but as she did it hit his head. She didn't even look back to apologize but why would she? She knew she was doing it on purpose and her friends too. They liked what she did to him but everyone else thought she would never do it on purpose. When she asked to go to the restroom she heard the wheels echo through the hallway and she knew it was him. Hellion, followed him until he made it into the restroom and she waited a few seconds before turning the lights off. A laugh escaped her mouth and then she quickly covered it.

"Who's there?!" He asked in the darkness and kind of sounded hopeless.

Hellion, walked away like nothing happened and continued her day with a smirk across her lips. When it was time to switch classes she saw him from afar how he struggled to get his books from the top locker. As, she got closer she began pushing her friend lightly and her friend pushed her back lightly. Hellion, giggled and pushed her friend with her shoulder more harshly and her friend did the same. This made Hellion, shut his locker door with her side arm and her friend gasped.

"Oh, I'm fine! Don't worry." Hellion laughed it out as they continued to walk.

They walked outside and waited for their rides.

"I can't believe that loser asked you out." Hellion told Rose.

"I know! Why would he even think I would go out with him? Like, ewwww!" She said in a digusted tone.

Hellion couldn't help but giggle at her. She felt someone looking at her. She gazed around and connected eyes with the guy. He was staring at her like he was trying to figure her out.

"Hellion, your rides here." Rose said as she pointed.

Hellion looked towards the direction of the car and waved goodbye.

The next morning she was dropped off and saw him coming from the side of the school. She quickly rushed towards the door as she tried to past him up and opened the door for herself only. She smiled like she had just made the best grade in the class and went into the cafeteria for breakfast. She got a warm burrito and smelled it.

"Rose, smell this." She said as she moved it towards her nose to smell.

"What's wrong with it?" She asked confused.

"It's not good." Hellion stated and winked at her.

Rose smirked and they went to have a seat behind the guy in the wheelchair. Hellion unzipped his backpack a tiny bit and squeezed the burrito through the small hole. She zipped it up softly and got a napkin to clean her fingers. He was to busy reading and eating at the sametime. Hellion rolled her eyes and whispered "idiot."

Rose giggled and he turned back. They looked at their phones and acted like they didn't do nothing. The bell rang and everyone went to there classes.

"Turn in your homework class!" The teacher ordered impatiently for the third time.

"Suga, what's wrong?" She asked him worried.

"I-i don't have my homework." He said unbelievably.

She walked towards him and tried to look in his backpack but he closed it up.

"You always turn in your homework. Is something going on?" She was now very worried.

"I think I lost it." He stated as his face turned red of embarrassment.

"I'm going to have to give you a zero because it's due today." She said very disappointed in him.

He nodded as that broke his heart but she changed that mood real quick.

"I'll give you until the end of the day to turn it in." She stated as she walked away and continued with the class.

Hellion rolled her eyes and nodded her head sideways.

"Not fair." She thought.

The bell rang and it was time for physics class.

"Class you have two hours to get the paper work done and a bridge that can hold up to 100 lbs. Hurry up and choose your group's!" He shouted as he laid out things we could use to build our bridges.

Hellions group grabbed around 400 popsicle sticks and a bottle of glue to stick them together. Our group rushed through the process but it was coming out great.

"We need another wooden glue to finish." Hellion stated as she looked around. Suga was heading towards a bottle of wood glue but she hurried to grab it before him. She rushed away and continued with her work.

Two hours past and it was time to show what the bridges could hold up. Hellion eyes got bigger as she got excited that no one could reach 100 lbs. Every group's bridge would collapse at 60 lbs and it was time for her group. Weights were put onto the bridge and it didn't break. More and more were put on and nothing happened. It reached 110 lbs and it finally broke it half. They successful broke the record and grade. Suga's group was next and they past the 60 lbs. Hellion kind of got annoyed as she crossed her arms infront of her chest. Her eyes widen as they made it to 100 lbs and the bridge was very bent.

"Wow! Your bridge is very bent but it won't break. This is amazing! Great job!" The teacher stated with so much excitement.

They got to 110 lbs and it took awhile but it finally broke.

"It's a tie!" He shouted! "Congratulations!"

Hellion smiled like she wanted to murder someone. "Unacceptable." She thought.

"You look mad. What's wrong with you?" Rose asked Hellion.

"People tend to like wheelchair people more than the people that actually do the real work here." Hellion said very annoyed.

"Are you jealous of him?" She laughed.

"No! Never! He just pushes my buttons." Hellion stated in much annoyance.

Rose said "Don't worry about that loser. He'll be a nobody once we graduate."

Hellion cheered up with her statement and nodded.

Hellion saw the bus waiting for Suga and she walked towards it.

"Hey! Suga is going home by car today. He told me to tell you. So, you wouldn't have to wait on him extra mintues." She told the bus driver.

"Oh! Thank you for informing me you're a very sweet girl." She said with a smile.

She drove off and Rose came from behind laughing.

"Oh my gosh! You're so evil." She said laughing until her stomach hurt.

"Well, he shouldn't compete with me." Hellion stated.

Rose asked "What if, the bus driver finds out it was a lie."

Hellion shrugged and said "I don't care."

They both laughed and left.

The next day Suga didn't go to school but no one seemed to notice until the third day. People then started a rumor after a week that he committed suicide.

Rose kind of worried but Hellion didn't care.

"It's probably just lies." She shrugged it off.

A month past and Suga was no show. Hellion thought about him but not cause she worried for him. She thought of him because she missed bullying him.

Rose said "Maybe, he is dead cause of you!"

"Oh! Shut up!" Hellion shouted in annoyance.

"He's poor and in a chair. No one likes poor people or nobodies like him." Hellion flipped her hair as she went home and never thought of him again.

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