1 Beginnings

As summer rays creep through the thick foliage a young man raises his head. His bizarre gaze falls upon a demonic boar drooling and rutting around the base of the tree. As he raises his otherworldly bow and begins to slowly knock the arrow upon its brazen string, birds begin to fall silent. A breeze picks up blowing the evil stench from the boar upon young Vexxor. The newly found silence is broken by the zing of a steel arrow flying true to its target. Vexxor emerges from the brush to claim his prize.

Back at camp, he starts a fire. The flames flicker tenderly licking at the fresh meat roasting over it. As the food cooks, Vexxor tends to his weapons. Restoring arrows, sharpening his sword, patiently preparing for the next time his tools, no his only friends, would be called upon. The silence is broken when a blob of fat drops into the flames; causing it to roar in a peculiar way. The flames, now half blue, half red, reach out towards him in attempt to grasp his soul. Vexxor leaps back shocked at what had transpired. Shaking his head in disbelieve, the flames retreat and appear normal. " I must have imagined that" he thought.. The smell, now to much to bear, entices him to eat. He greedily devours the boar unaware of what lies ahead. Almost immediately, his eyes roll back in his head, he collapses, and the wind of change passes over him wicking away the sweat from the fever that has over come him.

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