1 Prologue: A long journey

"I swear I didn't do anything! I'm not a terrorist!"

Says João a 15-year-old boy being investigated for terrorism ...

"I think this is the third time you've said that, right?"

Says Thomas Aníbal, a tall guy, a little bit strong, but young at most around 17 years old, maybe even popular with girls.

"I've been in this job for 2 years, I've seen many things, including liars ..." (Thomas)

"It was an incredible explosion and as incredible as it seems you were the only one who was close to the place" (Thomas)

"I said it wasn't me!" (João)

Thomas and João's confident eyes meet.

"Gentlemen, get the boy out of here." (Thomas)

While 2 guards took João out of the interrogation room, João with a headbutt in one of the guards managed to free himself and ran for the exit.

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