1 chapter :mid night walk

hi im carl im 17 Years old one day me and some friends went on a camping trip in the mountains. there was a group of five including me we start to head up to find a good place to set up (minutes later) we found one then after i unpack and set up my tent me and my friends go scouting the grounds to get the fell of the mountains. we head back after we get the fell of the land then night falls on us were all around the camp fire and eating s'mores and other snacks and telling story's while we pass time soon we all start to get tried of the day we had we head back to our tents . (5 hours pass )(2:00am) i wake up to use the bath room but i some how went far from the camp but luckily i had got the fell of the land earlier. once when i known were i was at i started to head back but i hear rustle in the bushes behind me and when i look back there's an old man looking at me with an urge to kill so the best thing i could do was run . when i make it back to camp i told my friends what had happened but they did not believe me then i went back to lie down and then eventually fall asleep i woke up next morning to eat breakfast to know that our whole camp was trashed while we where sleep then i told my friends i was probably that old man again form last night but they still did not believe me they said it was probably a bear or something of the sort but i stuck with my gut it was him. (few minutes pass by) we head up the mountain to see the veiw of the land for fun activity but i was on the look out for that man with the urge to kill.

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