1 Rose

My name is rose and imma tell you how I met the love of my life. My love story isn't like any other love story. one thing you should know about me is that I'm a lesbian.

It all started on my 18th birthday as usual I got out of bed and did my morning daily routine. I went downstairs for breakfast and I waited and waited but no one in my family said happy birthday...

that day after school when I ask my parents about they said as far as were concerned we dont have a daughter. my mom yelled at me and said I was dead to them. they didn't want a lesbian daughter.

I went to my room and starting crying my eyes out when she called. I didnt answer my phone because this isnt the first time my parents have done this to me. I was done trying to please them. I was done living the way they wanted. I was done wanting to live. I went and got my dad's gun and wrote my letter... I couldnt do this anymore... my phone rang a second time and it was her.. it was Rachel