Will You Be My Last Book

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Will You Be My Last


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'Is Fate - Just Pure Coincidence?' "Do you want to know why I had thought you were the brightest star?" She nonchalantly voiced as she took a seat beside me on the rim edge of the tall apartment; mindlessly staring at the constellation above the starry night sky, as our feet dangled freely underneath. The wind howled and blew, and all I caught was the movement of her lips until- Rebecca Wilde Jones. A tough woman, a hard woman. Thrust into the world’s cruel tyranny - hardship – seated front row. Born unfortunate, and went on through life carrying it. But just as it became apparent that she wills to give up. A certain ‘raven-hair’ pulled her from the abyss that had grown to consume her mind. Who could it be, and how will the certain raven-hair bystander-turned-involved may curve this fixed-fate Rebecca Jones had believed for so long?


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