425 The foreign man

Matthew watched the man drink his whiskey. Although he was only staring at his side profile, Matthew could see the slight pain and bitterness that showed briefly on his lips and eyes. "Cats or pets are family." In a matter-of-fact tone, Matthew uttered as he was reminded of Dredd.

Dredd, although, appeared to be a wild beast who could tear a person apart, he considered him as his family. No one could hurt or touch him if they didn't want to experience Matthew's wrath. There was no exception. Matthew would protect his best buddy just like how he would protect his family and people.

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Maybe, this man had done something unforgivable. After all, friends would never ask their friend to choose between them and family. The phrase: blood is thicker than water wouldn't exist if there's no solid foundation in it.

"Well, I can't disagree with that." The man shrugged his shoulders, nodding his head in agreement. 

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