433 New perspective

There was a moment of silence after Zoey dropped her words. Her twinkling gaze traveled from the three to Matthew. "So?" She giddily broke the silence, the side of her lips curled into a wider grin.

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"With blindfolds?!" One of them asked, frowning at the condition of the game. Although their marksmanship were undeniably good, one needed to see to shoot their targets. Especially, if the target was moving, or else, it'll take them forever or just randomly shooting.

"Uh, I thought you can…" Zoey's eyes blinked innocently, looking up to her back up named Matthew as if she was a good girl. 

After seeing the pitiful gaze of Zoey, Matthew returned his gaze back to the three. "With blindfolds." He said, rendering the three speechless.

"Yes!" Zoey cheered secretly, but still visible and audible enough for the four of them to see.

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