432 GAME

"Bloody… hell." Zoey gasped, her eyes skimming the entire place that one would believe to be more of a base camp. Slowly, she turned her head to the man standing to her side.

As soon as her eyes landed on him, Matthew was already looking at her. Slowly, his arm raised and his palm rested on her chin to close her gaping mouth. "Welcome to Dredd's House." The corner of his lips tilted up into a proud smirk.

Slowly, Matthew turned his head ahead where his men were busy doing their training. "What the…" Her voice, which was full of disbelief, reached his ears, causing him to nod his head as he had already expected this type of reaction from her.

Currently, some of his men were doing target shooting; there were three men competing, which seemed to be a test of their marksmanship. Matthew crossed his arms, watching them hit the bullseye without batting an eye.

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