424 An old friend

When Zoey went inside the building, Matthew also went back to the car. Without further ado, he began driving away.

"Zhou Zoey..." As he drove, Matthew muttered. Earlier when he fainted, he had a dream... or so what he wanted to believe and not those memories that had been causing him painful headaches. 

The dream was vivid, as if it had already happened. Matthew pulled over when he was in a seemingly less crowded place. He searched for a parking lot and immediately found one before he hitched outside. 

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'It was like this,' He thought internally, looking from side to side as he gravitated over which path to take. 

After a second, Matthew turned to the right. He walked and walked without any destination in particular. 'It was a night like this that someone wanted to kill me.' He said, his eyes glanced at the narrow and dark alley on his left. 

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