55 Brewing Trouble (2)

The princess gritted her teeth. "Fine! I don't have time to argue with you. We'll settle this in the Goodwill Tournament. You'd better participate, otherwise, you admit that you're wrong and I'll drag you out to have your hands and feet chopped off!" This time, the royal really went inside the carriage. The guards were unsure what they should do and didn't move, the driver was also the same.

"What are waiting for?! Hurry up!" The royal pain in the ass shouted from within the carriage. The guards fell back into formation and the carriage started moving again. This time, Shen Tianyu stayed at the side and let them pass.

After the carriage was out of sight did the crowd disperse to go back to their daily activities. The mother of the little boy Shen Tianyu saved, led her child over and and bowed to her. "Miss, thank you very much! I don't know how to thank you! And, in order to save this mischievous child, you even got in trouble with that princess."

The mother tugged at her son's arm, urging him to bow also and he did. "Thank you, big sister!" The child was 3 or so, just learned how to walk, he probably didn't even understand what had transpired.

"It's fine." Shen Tianyu waved her hand nonchalantly as Rong Jian walked over. "But who was that anyways? I heard Emperor Jing and Emperor Xing are both wise and peaceful. Even their family is praised for that, how did the Jing Royal Family sire that pain in the ass?"

The woman panicked a bit and looked around, scared that her child's savior called a member of the royal family "pain in the ass". Seeing that no one was looking at them, she sighed and answered. "That was Princess Wenya, she looks elegant, but her personality is contrary to her name as you can see. (1) She's actually only a distant relative to the direct Imperial line, her great grandmother was the sister of the emperor four generations ago. However, aside from the direct princes and princesses, she has the most talent in cultivation and has been held in high regards because of that. Some even say her talent is second only to the Crown Prince! With that kind of a reputation, it was natural she'd be praised for everything and has become arrogant. In fact, now, even the Emperor is having headaches because of her. Though she is a distant relative, she is of the Imperial family nonetheless and yet she has tarnished the royal name time and time again. However, he can't do much because it is true her talent is superb , just that her personality is... you know. Getting rid of such a talented cultivator would be a loss. Not to mention her parents dote on her so much, who knows what they'd do if something happened to their precious daughter?" The woman seemed to be a gossipy housewife as she spewed so much information in one sitting.

'I don't even need to utilize Lavender Palace for an investigation, this woman will say eveerything as if she couldn't contain it all.' Shen Tianyu thought.

"You're new here right?" The woman suddenly asked.

Shen Tianyu merely nodded. It was a rhetorical question really. That Princess Wenya seems like an infamous pampered princess, if one didn't know her, it was obvious you were not from around "here". wherever "here" is.

"You should be careful. Because of her special status and talent, most ministers would side with her even if they dislike her, especially if the other party is an outsider. I advise you to leave immediately, run as far away as possible. There is still a month left until the Third Goodwill Tournament between Xi Qi and Jing Qie, at the very least, you should be able to cross the border. With the Peace Treaty, not even the Emperor could recklessly bring an army over to search for you." The woman advised her.

"Thank you for your advice.I hope you have a good day. Make sure to discipline your son so something like this won't happen again. He might not be so lucky next time." Shen Tianyu smiled. She squatted down until she was face to face with the little boy and pet his hair. "Young man, don't worry your mother so much. Stay with her at all time and don't run off. If something happened to you, your mother would be very sad."

The boy nodded, though whether he understood her words were a different matter. Shen Tianyu got up and said her goodbye to the mother and son, who hurried off. Perhaps they were busy or perhaps the mother didn't want to be associated with someone who so openly called that temperamental Princess Wenya a "pain in the ass" any longer.

Shen Tianyu and Rong Jian window shopped some more as if nothing happened. Every time Shen Tianyu would awe at beautiful jewelry and clothes, Rong Jian offered to buy them for her but she'd refuse.

"It's fine to just look. They have no serious practical use anyways, it'd just be a waste of money. It isn't like I'm short of clothes or anything. I admire them because they're beautiful, not necessarily because I want them." She said.

And so the second day of shopping went buy, and the couple still didn't buy anything. Luo Shue, on the other hand, managed to buy a whole bunch of rare medicinal herbs and fruits at the Medicinal Hall. they could barely fit in with her luggage in her magic pouch.

The third day, the three gathered at the Audience Hall again.

"I'm planning on going into secluded cultivation for a month." Shen Tianyu announced. Last night, she had filled everyone in on what happened in the streets.

Luo Shue frowned. "Is there a need, Miss? You're already a Late Stage Foundation Establishment level cultivation and your fighting strength and skills allows you to fight those on the Meridian level, I don't think you need to worry about the Goodwill Tournament."

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