WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming
novel - Contemporary Romance

WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming

Qingqing Zijin 05

Ongoing · 3.7M Views · MTL

What is WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming

WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming is a popular web novel written by the author Qingqing Zijin 05, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 3.7M readers with an average rating of 4.16/5 and 38 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1644 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The cute babies, Qingqing's new article, "CEO Hubby, give me a hug, " has been published. Please vote your recommendation over there. At the same time, the babies are welcome to collect it. It's so cute. He was the chief BOSS of a multinational corporation, a cold and arrogant prince charming that the media could not capture. It was widely spread in sea city that he was cold, proud, and bloodthirsty. He was decisive in killing and did not approach women. However, no one knew that he was a wife-spoiling maniac. This article was pure white. The male lead was arrogant, domineering, and unexcelled. He spoiled the female lead until she was naturally white and naturally crazy. Like the mature CEO of the baby do not enter the pit, lest be poisoned, thank you!

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I thought it was so-so at first but when I started reading..Im totally hooked..The ML is your kind of possessive, arrogant and not taking commands from other. The FL tho is not that weak and she still could be cold when needed..Im looking forward to when they started acknowledging both of their feeling for each other.


I had higher expectations for this novel because of the reviews but just couldn't find it that interesting I even waited till chapter 11 but still found it boring. That's just my opinion sorry if it sounds a bit mean.


After reading this i feel tried I feel ML don't have common sense and human nature and FL is in her own world and always FL gets in trouble and she can't even lift her finger bang here comes the ML and it goes all over again and again 😤


the ML is your typical egoistical jerk who disrespects the female lead and abuses her. he was such an ass. on their first meeting he kicked her and refuses to save her despite knowing how she was running away from rapists. then he made her sign 100million contract just for saving her and threatens that if she didn't sign it he would bring her back to that club where she was to be sold. and the damn contract is about her selling her body to him.. like WTF is d author thinking.. such a stupid cliche plot.. ughh its a waste of time..


This is just another one of those rapey male lead novels where the female protagonist is forced into doing things she doesn't want and threatened repeatedly. It also feels like a lot of the characters in this novel have next to no IQ.


Kinda intense during the earlier chapters. Although I don't approve of ML forcing FL, it seems to mellow out and becomes bearable to read. This is a typical cliche story where they all fall in love with each other and all past actions done by ML will be vindicated. Ugh. But this book has potential if not for the dumb FL kinda annoyed about her btw.


I like it when the man character so spoil the girl character and he is very loyal to her. If he could be more gentle, I think the story would be better. The story line is good, it just a little repetition on the phrase that used. The characters are a little bit overwhelming, esp the man character.


I haven't read any chapter yet.. from what I read from the reviews, I got the impression that the ML like to rape & abuse the FL ? is that true? and it seems like the FL is dumb and just let the ML do whatever he want to do to her body? that's the impression I got from reading all the review.. so is that true? or is there something like illness? or ML's tragic pass which lead to him abuse the FL? I'm confused.. please someone explain to me? the summary tell me a beautiful story contrary to the impression i got from the reviews..


the synopsis is misleading. the title is even worse. there's no wife spoiling at all!!!! unless rape and torture is what you meant by spoiling. because it really spoiled my mood. seriously such novels should always have the tag major misunderstandings and tragedy in bold letters, so that some of us can just pass by instead of click baiting us with titles. how disappointing!


This novel is really bad! I really tried to read this and persevered until ch.56, but the characters are all really basic and all have low iq. The ML is abusive and a rapist, the FL doesn't know how to speak or use common sense. All of the characters are so dumb it's like torture reading it. Not worth reading. Dropped this.


Reveal spoiler




Although the way the FL and ML met is a little suspect and the ML dominating the FL at the beginning the novel is not bad. The ML is protective, very jealous and really loves the FL even if he doesn't say it out loud. Elsewhere the FL's memory of the ML lead was erases by some evil guy but the ML made it his mission to help her. She was pregnant with twins but one was kidnapped at birth and the ML found the child. This goes to show how much he cares for his wife. Sometimes the ML behaves like a child being jealous of their son but what can we say he wants his wife all to himself. I was heartbroken when the FL was attacked and lost their child but she took revenge the way she felt it was OK. People should read the novel and give it a chance it will definitely grow on them 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽




The story started slow... the momentum will pick up after some time. love the FL amd ML, the progress is good and have some humor is between. its a slow pce atory here...


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Though the ml is not a very acceptable character but since he is the leas, I guess one has tovjust accept his being promiscuous, shameless, very aristocratic and persistent. But in some ways this Mr. Long is likeable, also. Though sometimes quite terrifying


This book is amazingly awesome and i love love it can't wait to continue reading more i love love the male omg i just hate the misunderstandings they have sometimes but i guess that is all part of making the book much more interesting


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