1 Announcement For The Story

I have an announcement to make is that it will take some time for me to update some chapters to this story. But what I can tell you is that I'm fixing some misspell words that are needed to be fixed before I can release all those chapters that I have type again. And I'm also adding a character's Introduction for you the readers to known who are the characters are in the story. Also if you guys have any ideas that I should add to the story just comment on below to send me your ideas on making this story an interesting one to read.

Also, I'm sorry for deleting those chapters you guys were reading I needed to fix it to make it better on. Another thing is that even if we are not in school we google classroom that my school used to keep us in check on our school work, so it means that I'm going to be busy until the school year is completed done and we are out of school.

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So until the next update, you guys just have to wait for notifications about my novel on here to be updated for you to read it.