1 Being Plotted Against in Prison (1)

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North City.

Southwest Huaye Women's Prison.

"0959, you have a visitor!"

An icy cold voice sounded along with the clanging of an iron door. Gu Qingjiu had her eyes lowered and was sitting quietly at the corner beside her bed in the cell. Hearing this shout, she raised her head like a mechanical puppet.

She was a girl who looked to be around twenty-three to twenty-four years old.

She had ivory white skin and delicate, smooth facial features, with long, slightly upturned, curled eyelashes, above a sharp nose and a pair of red lips. With all of this combined, it was an exquisite and beautiful face.

Even the ugly prisoner uniform and messy short hair could not conceal her beauty.

But her eyes looked so dull that it seemed like she had lost her desire for life.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"0959, you have a visitor!"

The female prison guard hit the iron door of the cell as loud as she could as she threw icy-glares at Gu Qingjiu—her expression slightly angry. It was obvious that she had no patience.

And the 0959 she was talking about, was Gu Qingjiu's identification number.

Every prisoner in this prison had a number.

Gu Qingjiu finally raised her head, her lips moving slightly as if responding to the shout.

Standing up, she followed the female prison guard out; her steps heavy and slow, like those of a dying man.

But her dull looking pupils slightly constricted and finally showed some fluctuation when she went into the visiting room and saw a woman with a big belly sitting on the chair.


The iron door closed, isolating all sounds inside the visiting room.

The woman with a big belly had a pair of enchanting red lips, a sexy and charming face, and was wearing a red loose dress. Other than her belly, her figure had not changed that much and remained voluptuous despite being pregnant. She was beautiful and arrogant, attracting people's attention. Even if she was pregnant, she did not neglect herself and maintained her dazzle.

Compared with the present Gu Qingjiu, one was like a queen, and the other was the lowliest prisoner, down to the dust. Her exquisite facial features—which were her only highlight—were flattened into the dust and was not worth mentioning.

"Yu Shiwei."

One could not hear her normally pleasant voice as it was now hoarse and raspy. It was as if she had not spoken for a long time.

"Oh my god, your voice sounds like a dead chicken. It's hurting my ears."

Yu Shiwei seemed uncomfortable with Gu Qingjiu's voice and instead, offered the woman a disgusted look. She caressed her neck with exaggerated movements before she cleared her throat and said, "Gu Qingjiu, I've done my last bit of sisterhood coming to see you today. As you can see, I'm pregnant."

With her charming voice that sounded close to an oriole, Yu Shiwei—the sexiest enchantress in North City—could seduce people's souls with her voice alone. She exuded deadly charm from top to bottom.

It also showed a stark contrast with Gu Qingjiu.

Now, when she saw Gu Qingjiu's face turning pale, the corners of her lips lifted. Full of malicious intent, she said, "It's your fiancé, Su Lingche's child, who is now my husband. We had gotten married a year ago!"

That triumphant tone slightly destroyed her beauty at the moment, but soon, this illusion disappeared.

It was as if she was a victorious general looking down with utmost satisfaction at a defeated rival in front of her; she was waiting for Gu Qingjiu to show a desperate expression. In such a way, it was proof of her winning beautifully!

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