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Honestly, read this if you want a strong female lead story without romance (or just a bit as author hints on it). Its not like doomsday wonderland tho, its its own kind of story. You see quite a lot of revenge story with females but mainly its romance? This isnt. This focuses on the mc's story, how she seeks revenge but then it dives into a more epic story of her wanting (or becoming, not clear yet) a king herself. You see a lot of action or adventure stories with male leads? This here is the female version of it. It's more on the dark side but also has lighter elements to it. Most of the characters are likeable, except for the antagonists and honestly Im so glad that there arent any female characters portrayed as awful or annoying like in some stories. It's a great story with literally one of the most beautiful and emotional writing style Ive seen yet. You get immersed in the world, the descriptions are beautiful, tho sometimes long, and the emotions come over magically. But author tends to write too much info sometimes. The world in this novel is quite interesting and different from what is usually known as an immortal world. Theres no cultivation, instead its more like a ghost world which is intruiging, and the power system is also different. Honestly, give this a try, its more on the darker side and might be more niche in webnovel but its intriguing and a good read. its a story which is a bit slower but also has a more detailed world-building and character development (but also be prepared for blood, gore and torture)


Hey guys, author here. Just wanted to say that this book will start out as a revenge story before it merges into a grander scale of a story than just purely taking revenge. So, don't mistake this as only a revenge story, please! It will be quite dark but also has lighthearted moments. As mentioned a couple of times, romance will only be later in the book and isn't the foreground of the story (although the 'arc' where the ML appears is my favourite lol) This is more about the main character's struggle, her revenge and her story to get her life back onto the right path and strive to someone greater than those that have wronged her. This is more slow-paced, so I gotta be honest, some chapters may be a bit slower and a bit expositional before it gets into the action. I still hope you'll enjoy it and thanks for giving this a try! Let me know of any feedback or anything else you have to say! Thank you!


Reveal spoiler


Regardless as if this is author wrote this for the first time or is his/her second novel, I love the vicious style of writing techniqurs used and the storyline that I'm completely hooked with. The cover is my favorite part of this whole novel and though its seems a little bloody and lots of suffering occurs through out the story...Give it a try!


I really advise you to read this: The thing that really attracted my attention was the fact that the female lead was really at the bottom of her existence in the beginning, it's not like "my family gave me a hard time, I was bullied". Its way more than that and there is a reason behind it all. She's not suffering just because she's the female lead !


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I really love good revenge story. These people really deserve their comeuppance. I am worried they won't be punished enough. Or that someone else will take that cathartic moment from her. It says a lot that I care about the heroine and the villains.


This story really took "torturing mc" to the extreme, I still can't think of a single fictional character that suffered as much as her. But that just makes the story that much good because you're rooting for Lia to get her revenge as quickly as possible. Also, I love how the author gave us the academy arc right after such hard-hitting chapters of Lia's torture, so we could mentally recover a little. P.S: I love those mini-chapters after each official chapter. Yano: Wifey!!


I must say, I love your writing style, it's one of those few capable of drawing the readers into the world you have designed for them, I just want to say, keep this up. a few mistakes here and there, but not enough to deviate from the beautiful plot


Judging for the writing style it is one of the best written stories I've read on this app. I like the world you create. You describe surroundings and everything very carefully. Lia is very well designed character. I envy you the ability to update 7 chapters a week. That's something I'll never be able to do. Either i do everything slowly or I upload crap. You upload fast and all chapters are high quality I tried to look for the mistakes but I couldn't find any. Idk, there may be some but I really can't point out even one. I admire the way you took some well known cliches and played with it so skillfuly it turned out to a story different than others. It's not the another revenge story. It's something else. Great job


Granted there are only few chapters at hand, I was still instantly hooked by the storyline. The writing style is what fascinated me. It is exceptional as narration is beautifully conveyed. The characters have a depth to them as they are described intricately by the author. Little to no errors in grammar. Pacing is good also. Nothing much I could really critique. Keep up the good work.




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