1 Chapter 1 Death and Otaku Goddess

Michael is 18-year old high school student but by no means is he your average high school student he is both extremely perverted and wicked.

He is from rich family and handsome so it was fairly easy for him to get women to dominate and play with.

His ultimate goal is to make large harem but in today's society such thing is frowned upon and most women aren't willing to share so that made things difficult for him so he has been planning for years how to make his dream reality.

Unfortunately all those dreams and plans seem to be for nothing as while he was walking back to home he looked up and saw a fucking meteor dropping on him only thing he could do was say oh shit… and all went black.

Few seconds after that Michael awoke and could see a short but very beautiful blonde woman with voluptuous body wearing sailor moon outfit and reading manga.

Michael: Uhm… Hello

Blonde woman: SHUT UP AND WAIT!

Michael: Okay…

Michael was thinking these fucking weebs or otakus or who gives a fuck what they are called should learn some basic social interaction skills. He indeed watches anime and reads manga as well, but he Isn't obsessed about them as this woman seems to be.

After few minutes the woman but down the manga and stared me with embarrassed look.

Blonde woman: Hi my name is Rachel and I am a goddess in control of this universe and my favorite character died on manga so I got angry and punched an asteroid and it broke into pieces unfortunately for you one of those pieces dropped on earth and killed you. After that she looks on the ground in shame.

Michael: So care to explain what I am doing here? Going to hell maybe?

Rachel then looks up at me and he face turns into a bright smile.

Rachel: No no no as I killed you I must give you a compensation so you get to reincarnate into any world of your choosing and have 5 wishes.

Rachel: I would recommend you go to some anime world.

Michael: What! How can those exist?

Rachel: Well there is alternative reality where all fictional worlds exist, so when a mortal creates his own fictional world that world comes to life in that alternative reality.

Rachel: Well want to make those wishes now?

Michael: Sure let me think first. After pondering for a few minutes he had his wishes ready.

Michael: First wish is that you make me into Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero but instead of my father being human he was Sparda from Dmc.

As me being son of Sparda I will inherit one of his legacies and I want the one he gave Vergil that being all of Vergil's powers and Yamato.

Rachel:Hmm… Okay as that being your first wish I'll grant it but no more these super complex wishes or you give me a headache.

Michael: Well I try my best so for 2nd wish I want custom evil pieces from High school DxD.

Rachel: Well that's fine what kind of custom pieces.

She is clearly getting excited probably her inner otaku is showing up.

Michael: Well name them god-emperor pieces.

Rachel:Okay, what do they do

Michael: Well I want to them to boost ones strength instantly by a lot and give the receiver potential to reach his or her races maximum level and beyond it.

Rachel: I can easily do that I can make them, so for an example if you use them on two winged angel from DxD they become four winged angel and have potential to become twelve winged or perhaps even fourteen winged if they push their limits really really hard.

You can clearly see that if anything is related to anime or manga Rachel becomes extremely excited.

Michael: Okay… thanks.

Rachel: So how many pieces do you want and what kind of position.

Michael: I want unlimited pieces and whatever position I wish so for example I can make someone my maid, secretary, knight, or even queen.

Rachel: Okay anything else.

Michael: My piece can dominate other evil pieces or brave saints if I am in control of the piece or someone is willing to become subservient to me.

Rachel: Okay anything else.

Michael: Well… if I use my piece on a normal human I can make them any supernatural being I want to.

Rachel: Okay anything else.

Michael: No…

After that Rachel finally comes out of her otaku daze and once again looks embarrassed.

Rachel: Sorry I got a bit carried away.

Michael: Well you made my wish much better so don't be.

Rachel then smiles at me

Rachel: Now seriously no more complicated wishes.

Michael: 3rd wish I want nigh endless amount of mana.

Rachel: Can do, you will receive the maximum amount of mana a being can possess in the world you choose to reincarnate, but you have to learn how to use mana and do magic yourself unless you make a wish related to it of course.

Michael: Yeah that works for me so 4th wish absolute flesh magic so I can control anything on my and someone else's body as I please. I can make myself or someone else younger, prettier, heal, cure illnesses, shape bodys and all that stuff.

Michael: My fifth and final wish I want you as my woman as I found you very cute and sexy at the same time.

Rachel's face turns full red and she smiles weakly. After about ten seconds of silence.

Rachel: Sorry can't do that as I have some other things to do but as compensation

I give you two wishes and custom background.

Michael: Well that really is a shame but okay. Two more wishes but what to wish for.

After pondering for a minute while Rachel kept looking at the ground he came to conclusion.

Michael: I want rinnegan and my own dimension.

Rachel: Okay since you don't have any chakra your rinnegan will run on mana and as for the ability to resurrect. I will limit it to one person once a year, unless you gain some kind of power over souls.

For your own dimension I will just make you a copy of earth without any humans in it.

There will be sun and moon but no other planets will exists in that solar system as it is supposed to be a custom dimension and you didn't make any specifications and

I am too lazy to come up with anything.

Rachel: Well given your wishes you are most likely going to the world of high school DxD so what kind of background do you want?

Michael: You are correct and I want to be extremely rich orphan from Japan who had to live and study in a private academy abroad until I turned eighteen and could gain full access to my wealth and live on my own. I own massive full furnished mansion near Kuoh academy and I will be transferring there as 3rd year student with good grades and be placed to the same class as Rias and Akeno. I want my full name to be Vergil Michael Dante but I go by Vergil Dante.

Rachel: That can be done so are you ready?

Michael: Yeah and thanks for all of this and you don't have to worry about killing me because this way I will have much better future.

Rachel: Okay that is nice to hear.

Then she comes to me shyly and suddenly kisses me and me being me of course I start kissing her back after about a full minute of kissing and lip lock we separate.

Rachel: Aah… that was nice when I have time I'll come visit and you can fully make me yours until then have fun.

And everything becomes dark again.

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