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Why You?∆


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*This novel has been inspired by "Detroit Become Human".* Hello and welcome to the year 2043! Technology has come so far. We are now able to make AI robots that look identical to human beings. Thanks to Dr.Wave with his research he has brought us a new way to live our lives. Worried about going shopping? We got you! With our AI he or she can go shopping for you. They can do anything you want them to do but they only got one rule that is that they cannot hurt any human being. So get yourself one now at Wave industries stores near you. The story you're about to dive into is a young man named Sora Wave. He is a robotic engineer whose father is the company owner of the wave industry. He hates AI robots like really hates them__. "Zack get out of my room!! Why are you touching my laptop?" "Well, my friends it's time to say goodbye." "Are you seriously watching porn again on my laptop?!!" He has a childhood friend that always bothers him named Zack Phillips. Zack loves AI robots. He adores them and even got two AI robots waiting for him at home. " I can't believe he touch my laptop again! I really need to lock everything in my house." Hopefully, their relationship doesn't end so soon. *Disclaimer: The book cover does not belong to me.*


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