Why me? A werewolf fantasy Book

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Why me? A werewolf fantasy


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Kyla and Miraki are a pair of adorable siblings..... All that lasted until Miraki turned 18 years old. When Miraki was about to leave his pack behind in search of his mate something strange happened which made him abandoned the whole search........ But Miraki's and Kyla's lives fell apart when they found out who their mates are....... They are left alone with so many questions...... Is it a curse of the Moon goddess???? No one knows....... What happened in the past? What is happening in the present? What will happen in the future?.... Answers to these questions entirely depend on Kyla and Miraki as they fight for their destiny together. Will they make it to the end??? How can we have faith in an invisible future when it's so uncertain??? Life does betray you in a way... But you can never be ready to face the betrayal. No one knows when and where it's going to happen... But as long as you have a heart filled with hope and love, you will survive. A broken heart can only be healed by another heart. The key to a heart is another heart. A heart can only be paired by another heart......... Stay tuned to find out about Kyla and Miraki's love-hate bond..... Don't forget to vote, comment, and share this with your friends.....


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