1 Prologue

It was a calm, quite night in the streets in the city of Tritanus.

Well it was everywhere, except for the small private estate in the south. High pitch screams surrounded the office of the Wren family mansion. The walls, floors and most of the furniture were covered in blood of successful lawyer Richard Wren and his business-owner wife Calypso Weaver-Wren, both of whom were brutally gutted open, twisted and mangled beyond recongnition, almost as if they were mauled by animals.

Hidden in their mother's emergency coat dresser were 10 year old Marcella Weaver-Wren and 15 year old London Weaver-Wren who witnessed their parents mutilation but not the actual deaths.

Two people stood next to the corpses, across from each other, arguing quietly in an unknown language. One wore a white mask while the other had what looked like a cat's tail as far as the children could see through their hiding spot.

The silence of the arguement was brough to a pause when a male Austrailian voice was heard. "First of all, you can't just kill random people! There are rules to be upheld and I am afraid it applies to you as well."

An androgenous Scots accent was heard next, "Ya think I care about that lad? I'm not even effected by those rules. Their deaths were somewhat clean before you came and mangled them up like that. Besides I have more reason than most to get rid of them."

"I'm sorry they banished your clan, but they have children. This is the dumbest thing you have ever done since the obliteration of Tzarvicia."

"May I remind you that I am nearly as old as time itself, so not only do I know that my knowledge, skills and intelligence are much higher than yours but I know for a fact that you've made it worse by doing all this, it looks like animals went crazy. Besides it took me a few minutes to wipe them out the face of their galaxy imagine what I can do to you in one minute." the other replied mockingly.

The man with the white mask began to slouch into a fighting stance like position and he took the knives out of the Wren couples chests holding each in one in one hand. He jumped over the corpses with the knives in his hands ready to stab the other. Surprisingly the cat figure dodged the knives easily but it wasn't quick enough to dodge the attackers back attack.

The children looked away in horror but that soon turned into confusion because the cat figure did not die, it just turned, laughed darkly ,and punched the other person in the face knocking off his mask.

The cat figure took out the knives from their back before throwing them at the dresser and knocking the man in the head with their foot. The other managed to regain posture quickly while still incredibly injured in the head, and get into a fighting stance which the cat did not recipricate.

Just as things were about to get more brutal, strange noises and lights flashed through the windows. "Bloody Hells! This isnea over Crest." The cat figure said tiredly as they took what looked to be the hearts of the couple and slowly disappeared into the shadows. The guy on the other hand jumped up in the air and said "Raven!" He then transformed into a small black raven and flew out the window.

"What just happened?" Marcella asked, finally making a sound, beginning to let tears escape, "Are mummy and daddy alright?" Marcus looked up to his sister but even she had a sad almost tearful look on her face. "Marcy..mum and dad...are..d-d-dead."

The young girl broke into tears and so did London, once they got out London pulled out the knives and red the initials, "S.W. Crest."

London then looked at her younger sister who gazed at their dead parents, "Don't worry Marcy, we'll find them and once we catch them they'll never see the light of day again. I promise you we will get our revenge"

Marcelle looked at her sister with uncertainty, "Promise?" Her sister gave her a teary smile before gripping her younger sister's pinky with her own. "Promise."

"You call aunty and I'll call the police." London said leading her younger sister out of the office.

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