1 Prologue

Located in a small apartment within a vast city a young boy awoke. The bed creaked and turned as his jet black hair arose from the bed. The walls around him were old and worn with flaking paint along with wood splintering along its edges.

"Bang bang."

The boy pushed himself up more.

"Bang bang."

The door leading into his room was being pounded on from what he could only assume to be his step-sister. The boy ignored the loud knocking coming from the door and took his time gathering himself. He flipped a switch, his pale white skin showing as the lights around him flickered on. Rubbing his tired vivid blue eyes, the boy let out a yawn and stretched the aches around his body before walking to the door.

"Ugh, what do you want so early in the morning..."

he thought to himself as he opened the door. There stood exactly who he thought was banging on his door.

"Jeez, what took you so long Shin? We're already running late, you don't have time to be moping around ya know."

Standing in front of him was an all-too-familiar face. Her auburn colored hair and tan skin glistened from the light in the hallway. She wore a long white dress that stretched past her knees and a religious pendant around her neck resembling that of a harp. Her black eyes flushed with anger as she glared at Shin.

A few seconds passed while Shin was scanning her sister from head to toe before he realized what day it was.

"Kuruna, you already know I stopped visiting the church a while ago. It's the weekend too, I'd like to get some sleep for once."

Every Saturday the church hosted an offering ceremony to the Gods. In total there were 6 Gods the church worshipped, the belief being that these 6 beings were responsible for the creation of the universe and everything in-between and beyond.

"Plus the Gods haven't shown their faces for supposedly hundreds of years, it's total propaganda and you know it. " Shin remarked with a bored expression.

"Yeah yeah Shin, I'm well-aware that you despise our Gods but it's been a few months since you've come to the church. Everyone including the pastor is worried for you," she mentioned, frowning while waving her hand. "It's not like it'll kill you to go."

Shin didn't exactly hate or love the Gods everyone worshipped, rather he just didn't care enough to pay attention to them. Letting out a long sigh, Shin rubbed the back of his long frizzy hair.

"Fine...fine alright I'll go but this is gonna be the last time, okay?" Kuruna, satisfied, smiled and made her way down the apartment hallway.

"Ugh... Gimme a break will ya?" Shin muttered to himself as he gathered his things. Shin's family used to be very strict with religion, using every chance they had to praise the 6 Gods. That was until his birth father passed away in a tragic construction accident. Ever since then he and his mother rarely have been to church, if at all. She became involved with a bad crowd shortly after her late husband's death and ended up marrying again within a year, his new step-father being a drunk and an addict. This eventually ended up rubbing off on his mother, converting her. However, Shin didn't think it was all bad, after all, he got a cute stepsister out of it.

Making his way down the cramped hallway, Shin was greeted with a living room that reeked of alcohol. The kitchen, on his right, held multiple dishes that weaved in and around the sink that were messily stacked, distorted with various bottles that littered across the cramped granite counter.

"Do those two ever clean up after themselves?" Shin quickly covered his nose and, almost hurling from the smell, he made his way out the door. "Guess those two deadbeats aren't up yet," he thought after uncovering his face.

The sky was dark and murky as always due to the thick smog in the air. Humans were required to wear air filtering masks at all times due to the terrible quality. It was nearing the end of the 21st century with the human race on its last legs. The population was out of control and pollution plagued the planet. With nowhere to go or turn to, humanity pursued help from the gods. However, the 6 Gods of creation haven't been worshipped for hundreds of years. Due to this, their prayers and offerings were never answered. At least, that's what they thought.

"Did it always take you this long to get ready?"

"I wanted to look decent, this is gonna be my last church visit after all,"

Shin answered. She simply rolled her eyes whilst they made their way out the complex and to the church. Unbeknownst to them, this trip would forever be marked down in humanity's history.

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