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Why did he choose me


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She met him he met her they fell in love and lived happily ever after. Ha you thought this will be a story about a girl who grew up in an unfriendly world, as she grew older she was losing all hope until one day she was gonna end everything, but then she met him. Bright blue eyes tall super handsome. She doesn’t know who he or in other words what he is but he saved her life and gave her a reason worth living just a little longer. But why she continues to ask herself but then one day she figures it out and figures out why she didn’t just decide to end it all that time ago. They don’t live happily ever after but they do live happily together even though everybody is against it and just wants to get into his pants after they find out actually how rich he is. But then one day something happens to Delilah that crashes Logan's soul. He wants to leave because he is the one who caused what happened to happen she gets mad at him for hitting someone that was so close to her will she forgives him? She wants to say no but she knows he had to do it. They don't live like any normal happily ever after but they still live the way they want to live. Several years later. . . They have 3 kids two boys two girls they are happy and they are going to grow old together they love each other her brother is safe and not sick Delilah is a mother and Logan is a father. Milo is a godfather. Milo found the love of his life and they all lived like there day was the last but in a good way. So, in other words, they lived happily ever after


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