Why Am I not The Protagonist?! Book

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Why Am I not The Protagonist?!


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Usually in any reincarnation novel, you either the villainess or you are the heroine OR someone in between like maid, best friend, cousin etc. and somehow overtime you get to interact with ML's as the story progresses. In Mira's case, she is none of the above! In fact her memory came to announce of her past self as she has already reached the mid of the characters story. Well not that her past memory could contribute anything as she died at the age of 12 being constantly stuck in the hospital due to rare case of disease. Her past social experiences does not help much too... Combining these two circumstances turned her into a bookworm who loves reading reincarnation novel. Her wish came true when she gets reincarnated in a world which have the same setting as reincarnation novels. Her dream of creating a reverse harem is far from the start line! How can she even begin?


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