2 The calander of the world and its basic history (Harlem)

Harlem is the new name of this world as it was once known as 'Earth' long before the appearance of the gifted and skill-less.

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The new calendar was as follows:

the first month is known as Onae (pronounced un-a)

the second month is Twae (two-a)

the third month is Thrae (Th-ra-iu)

the forth month is Foui (foo-i)

the fifth month is Fia (fire)

the sixth month is Siar (sigh-R)

the seventh month is Sevrea (Sev-ree)

the eighth month is Eign (Ain)

the ninth month is Nia (Nigh-a)

the tenth month is Tera (tiara)

the eleventh month is Eleganta (Elle-garnt)

the twelfth and last month is Twele (Twell-e)

The year Harlem was established was afterwards known as the year of terror and the world was reasstablished starting from the year 0000.

The year before the terror, the last year of Earth was called 3113.

When Harlem was created, there was a world wide conference where it was decided that all history of 'Earth' was to be destroyed and forgotten including religion, therefore the concept of 'God' was forgotten and the world became a new plain sleight and humanity or more accurately Gifted began to shape this new world called Harlem.

After the old world 'Earth' was forgotten, the first monarch of the new world was decided. That person became known throughout new history as ' The first king, Orla ' A 13 year old girl who single handedly saved, United then ruled the new world. All as a skill-less person. Her only child Achlys, his name came from the old worlds history of a place called Greece and it meant dark, and he became the most powerful king after his mother and the most powerful gifted in (new) history. After the unexpected or explainable death of Orla the first king, her only child, Achlys took the throne and began the long history of discrimination against the skill-less.

Many believe he killed his mother as he believed a skill-less should never have power.

Ever since, the 1st king, Orla's death no skill-less has ever inherited the throne and all skill-less born into the Royal family die before the first week of them being skill-less. All of the time the reason for death is 'unexpected and unexplainable'.

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