3 Character descriptions for main cast ▪︎part 1▪︎

These characters will be the main cast, as some will be introduced later some may think this is like spoilers, so there's no hard feelings if you want to skip this chapter also I'll try putting them in order of who you meet first, second ect. (Chronological order of introuction)

Main Character {Protagonist} -

¤Luelle Tia .

¤Luelle's nicknames are : Lue, elle, wallflower and 'that daughter of house Tia' .

¤Birthday : 19th of the ⁹th month Niae .

(year 7011) .

¤She's the youngest, and only real, daughter of house Tia as the only daughter of the head's first wife, her mother, Zena Tia .

1st male lead {Older Brother} -

¤Andrew Tia

¤Nicknames are : Andy, Rew, Bubu, 'my shining hope', Savior of house Tia, 1st young master of house Tia and Heir of house Tia .

¤Birthday : the 11th day of the ¹¹th month (7006) .

¤The only son of the head's first wife and only full biological sibling of Luelle Tia. Andrew has a minor little sister complex and is over protective of his baby sister. Andrew is the most favoured son of the head of house Tia for his outstanding performance in all categories, other than restraint on matters regarding Little Elle (Luelle).

1st Minor Villainess {Older half sister} -

¤Daeva Tia

¤Nicknames are : Eva, House Tia's prize and 2nd young miss .

¤Birthday : the day 27th of the ⁹th month Niae (7011) .

¤The favored daughter of house Tia's head. First daughter of the second wife, eldest daughter of house Tia's head and a spoilt little princess who has a major crush on the heir of house Therin and the belief that she can do anything she likes and get off scot free (without repercussions) .

2nd male lead - {Childhood Friend *unrequited love for Protagonist*}

¤ Idditch Therin .

¤Idditch's nicknames are : Eddy, Dee, 'the iceberg prince' and 'the tyrant doll' .

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¤Birthday : 13th of the ⁵th month Fia (year 7007) .

¤The heir and oldest [only living] child of house Therin.