1 'Zana'

'Zana' is a curse humans brought upon themselves. Its the reason 'skill-less' people exist.

Becoming 'skill-less'

-It's a term used when a persons entire identity is basically stolen from them, the only things they can keep is there first name, age and birth country.

- when you become skill-less it's a political thing more than an actual ability thing. You will be isolated no matter how young you are and you have to start from nothing.

- you often live on the streets with only the things on your back and what you can find on the street, receive from working or kind passer-by's.

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- becoming skill-less is simply a luck based affair and is different than homelessness. There is a system where a person gains a mark on there hand when they become skill-less and that allows them to get a job without an address, bank account or full education needed because even if you had the top grades in the top school before you couldn't keep that achievement after you become skill-less also it's not uncommon for children as young as 8 to become skill-less.

- after you get married you can gain a complete identity by marriage, getting an incredibly hard/ high up position with power or fame and by paying a large sum of money when you turn 18 if you where already skill-less before that age.

- ☆ the only exception to the treatment of skill-less is if your of high nobility/ royalty. ☆

- ◇ being skill-less doesn't stop your life choices it simply resets them on hard mode. ◇

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