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I attended his funeral today. When I saw the coffin my heart shattered. He promised me he would always be there, he told me he wouldn't leave me.

"HE PROMISED" I sobbed onto my best friends shirt.

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"Shh it will be okay" We need you to be strong, don't let your fears over come you" Jimin tried to calm me down.

As soon as I got home, I ran into our room, well my room. I put on his favourite shirt, got on the bed, curled into a ball and started to sob.

Thoughts wondered into my mind. I lay there paralysed, my fears finally getting to me. I started to shiver, cold chills make their way down my back. 

He isn't here to help me,  I started to sob even more. Whispers every where. Oh god I'm gonna go crazy with out you.

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