15 Ripped away

Dekus pov-

When I woke up I was back in the nurse's office. I sat up and rubbed my head. I wish I didn't do that because a huge headache came right after. I look around and see Uraraka. She was sitting up in the bed and reading a book. "Hey, are you okay? Im sorry, I didn't mean to do that to you earlier. I went too far.'' but what surprised me was that when she looked at me she wasn't mad. ''It's okay, Deku. I get that you've been having a hard time lately with the whole villain thing and who knows what they did to you. So I'll forgive you just this once." she said. I look away. "Why do you heros have to be this way." I mumbled but I guess she heard me. "What way? And what do you mean 'you heroes'? You're a hero too!" she commented and set her book down next to her. "Look I don't know why you are still playing this game. I'm not going to tell you where the league's hideout is so stop trying." I sat and stand up. I needed to leave. After the stunt that I pulled at the training there's no way that i'll be able to play this out and get closer to All Might. "Deku what are you talking about." Uraraka asked as she stood up with me. "Look it doesn't matter, I need to go." I say as I make my way to the door. "Deku wait. What's going on." she asked as she grabbed onto my sleeve. I sigh and turn to her. "Your right, I'll explain. Go sit down." She nodded and sat down on the bed. She had so much trust in me. But why, I'm a villain and she knows that. It makes me so angry that they keep pretending to be my friends when they don't even know me. She sat there and looked at me waiting for me to say something. Now that she was far enough away I quickly open the door and shut it. But there wasn't a lock so I took a nearby chair and propped it up against the door so that she can't get through. "Deku what are you doing, open the door" she said banging on the door. But why did I feel bad? There wasn't enough time to waste. I had to leave and go back to the league. I knew that all the exists had alarms so my best bet would be the roof. I ran down the hall looking for the staircase. Once I reached it I heard someone when I was opening the door. "Midoriya? What are you doing here?" shit it was Todoroki. I had no time to waste. I quickly ran up the stairs. Todoroki ran after me. Once I made it to the roof I locked the door behind me. Todoroki started banging on the door telling me to open it. It went quiet shortly after. He must be getting a teacher. I took the tracking device bracelet that they gave me and started to bang it up against things. I had to get the off. I started to use my quirk on it. Electricity started to surround it. That was until my quirk stopped working. I look up and see Todoroki and eraser head on the roof with me. That was fast I looked and the door was busted open.

I can't let them get me. I back up. "I won't let you take me back!" I yell. "Midoria please just hear us out." todoroki said, stepping closer. "No! And don't call me that! I don't even know you. I just got your name from some files I found. I don't know any of you so stop pretending that you know me just so that you can know where the league is hiding!" I yell at them. They got quiet then exchanged looks. I started to panic. I need a way out. I just wanted to go back home to the league.

"That's it! I can just kill them. Then I'll be able to make an escape." I think but I guess that I was mumbling because they got in a fighting position. I take the pocket knife out, that stole from Todoroki and get ready to attack.

3rd pov

Todoroki quickly remembered what happened earlier when they mentioned Kacchan and how it sparked something in Deku.

Todoroki knew that it was risky but he had to do something, he got out of his fighting stance and started to walk towards Deku. Deku had this crazy look in his eyes. Almost like a true villain would. Aizawa tried to stop Todoroki from getting closer but didn't do much. Todoroki stopped a distance away then bowed down. ��I'm sorry about what I said to you yesterday, I panicked and said the first thing that came to mind." Todoroki started. He wanted to recreate the last memory that he had with Deku. Deku stopped and looked at Todoroki confused. "What are-' Todoroki cut him off. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I was in the wrong. If you can forgive me then I wish to be with you." Todoroki said while bowing down to Deku as an apology. It grew quiet so Todoroki looked up at Deku after a moment.

Deku stood there with a broken and lost look in his eyes but had tears running down his face. "I don't understand. Why do I feel this way? Why...t-Todoroki, what's wrong with me?" he asked and stumbled towards Todoroki. "I remember but it hurts. Please help me." he said, reaching out to Todoroki. He looked in pain and seemed desperate. Todoroki reached out for him but before he could reach him Aizawa used his scarf and wrapped it around Deku tightly then pulled him away. Backup immediately came running in through the door. Aizawa must have called for them while they were talking. They tightly grabbed onto Deku and started to pull him away. Todoroki ran towards them. No, they can't take him away. "No! Please don't take him away." Todoroki yelled. Aizawa held Todoroki back as they dragged Deku away. No, please I need him!

He needs me

Deku's heart feels like it was being ripped out. Tears ran down his face. All his memories came flooding back all at once. He needed Todoroki. Everything was happening so fast, he felt like he couldn't breath. He tried gasping for air but nothing came. He tried reaching out for Todoroki but he only faded away. He wanted to scream but nothing came out His ears started to ring and he could only see the flashing lights of the police cars. His consciousness started to fade, he tried to grasp onto something, anything, he couldn't pass out now. The empty darkness scares him. He felt as though if he fell asleep then he would be trapped like how he was before. Sadly nothing worked and he passed out after being hit in the head by one of the officers.

Todoroki's pov-

He was so close. He was finally back, the true him. I wanted to comfort him. With each passing second he seemed to break more and more. He needed me. But before I could reach him he was ripped away from me. This isn't fair. I wanted to run to him but Aizawa held me back. The world seemed to go in slow motion…

And that's how it was for the rest of the day. Witch soon became a few days, and now a week. Deku is still imprisoned in suspension of being a villain. I haven't been able to go see him and the whole class seems dull. They were all sad when we got the news about midoriya. Luckily I get to go see midoriya today but it's only because he hasn't been able to answer most of the questions that they have asked him so they want me to help. They think that he will be more open to me. I feel like that's wrong but I'll do anything to see him again. I just hope he's okay.

The school day felt like forever until it came to an end. Everyone went to there dorms while Aizawa and I drove to the police department. Once we arrived I got out and Aizawa told me the rules. "Once you go in there we need you to talk to him and ask him questions concerning the last month. You'll put this mic on your shirt so that we will beagle to hear everything. Other than that we will be watching from the cameras to make sure that everything is going okay." I nodded and took the mic from him. I clip it to the bottom of my shirt then walked inside. There were two scary looking police officers on guard. I walked up to then and they reminded me of the rules. They then escorted me down the hall to where Deku's cell is. Deku was lying limp on the floor and looked like he had not slept in days. I feel bad for having to wake him. They open the door and let me in. They then shut it behind me and leave the room.

I take a deep breath and turn towards midoriya. I sat down and looked at him. He looked so sad, even in his sleep. I reach out and tap him on the shoulder. "..Midoriya?" His eyes flutter open and he sat up a little. Deku rubbed his eyes and yawned a little. "Todoroki?" he asked as he looked up at me. "Yeah its me." I said and gave him a soft smile. He sat up and seemed happy to see me. "Todoroki, you're okay! So what are you doing here?" he said and smiled. "I'm glad to see you're okay too. I'm just here to talk if that's okay." This joy in Deku's face vanished and he slumped back down. "So you're only here because they want answers out of me." He said all disappointed. This broke my heart, seeing him this way. "No! It's not like that. I promise!" I told him. He looked up at me with a blank expression and help up the mic that I was given. "Then what's this." he asked plainly. What? How did he get that? I questioned. I put my hands up in defense. "Look its not like that I just-" Deku cut me off and tossed the mic back to me. "Its fine, I knew that it was too good to be true anyways. Just get on with it." he said sadly. I wanted to say something to him but I couldn't think of anything. I sigh and decide to start the first question. "What did they do to you when you were kidnapped."

3rd pov-

Deku looked up and seemed to think about it. "Now that I remember, they tested a lot of drugs on my. They made me question everything and I had a hard time separating what was real and what wasn't. They gave up on that and went onto a stronger drug. It hurt and I guess the pain from it caused my memories to go…``''midoriya if this is too hard for you then you don't have to tell me." Todoroki told him. He felt bad for what midoriya had to go through. "No, after what I made you guys go through you deserve answers." Deku told him. Todoroki felt bad for doing this but he did want to know what happened to Deku. "What happened after" he continued. "The villains told me lies to fill in my lost memory. They convinced me that I was with them and they trained me. I think the drugs they used on me made me go a little crazy...I'm sorry about what I did." Deku told Todoroki and looked down. Todoroki got closer to Deku then embraced him into a hug. "Its okay. You didn't mean to do anything wrong and everyone's okay." Todoroki told him and held him close. Deku returned the hug. "Can I still be a hero?" Deku asked. Todoroki chuckled and made Deku look him in the eyes. "You never stopped being a hero." Todoroki told him then kissed the top of Deku's head. Deku blushed and pulled away. "W-what was that for?" he asked flustered. Todoroki smiled. "I couldn't resist, you're just so cute." he said "wha-b-but that's cheating!" Deku said back. Todoroki laughed. "How is that cheating?" he asked

All Aizawa could hear now was them talking and laughing. He smiled. He already had the answers he needed so he turned off the intercom and started doing the paperwork to get Deku out.

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