1 feelings

deku's pov

Ever sense the sports festival iv'e had a small crush on todoroki. And ever sense then we've been hanging out way more.

lida and Uraraka already know about this and are always giving me little kiss faces behind todoroki's back when ever we hang out. Uraraka convinced me to tell him how I feel, I only agreed because she told me that todoroki said to her the other day that he had feelings for me. I'm still really nerves though, what if it was a miss understanding and he doesn't really like me, or what if...

I was lost in thought when all of a sudden kacchan threw a plastic water bottle at me. "ouch" i groaned and rubbed the back of my head. "shut the hell up you damn nerd" he said looking pissed off. that's when i realized that i was mumbling again. i covered my mouth with my hands in embarrassment. "s-sorry kacchan" i said flustered.

bakugo's pov

I was sitting in class looking out the window minding my own bissness while four eyes was scolding me for having my feet on my desk. But what pisses me off more was hearing Deku mumbling on about that stupid half and half. I mean whats so great about him anyways. Sure he has a okay quirk but he could never love shitty deku the way i could.

What the hell am i thinking?! I turn around a throw my water bottle at him. "Shut the hell up you damn nerd." I could see i caught him off gard and he looked flustered. "s-sorry kacchan" he said. I just role my eyes and was about to yell at him more but the teacher came in and told everyone to take there seats as he walked up to the front of class .

I sighed and listened to what he had to say for once. He was just going over some sort of class training and other stuff that i didn't care about so i just looked back out the window.

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