2 the big day

Bong Soon wakes up early as she's very anxious. She gets ready for school not knowing what awaits her.She's excited and scared at the same time. Her parents send her off with her personl driver Mr Cho .

Bong Soon: Good morning Mr Cho.

Mr Cho: Good morning young Miss . Ready for your first day?

Bong Soon:(cheerfully) I'm scared but positivity is my middle name, I'll be alright.

When they are near the gate of the school the car gets a flat tyre.

Mr Cho: Don't worry young Miss I'll fix it in a jiffy.(talking to himself) This never happens and it picked the wrong day.

Bong Soon:(exiting the car) It's all right the gate is right here I can walk the rest of the way,bye Mr Cho !

(Without giving him a chance to reply)

Bong Soon walks into the gate scared and alone following everyone else as it's a long way from the gate to the school . As a really nice car passeses by every girl starts running and out of confusion Bong Soon also starts running thinking she's late for school. She bumps into a guy whose face she doesn't see as she's too preoccupied and just says sorry and keeps on running.Every girl stops when the car stops that's when Bong Soon realises that she wasn't late at all.

Bong Soon: (talking to herself) Aigoo.. I ran for nothing, I thought I was late but they are just chasing after a stupid car.

The guy she bumped into before hears her as he passes by and laughs but she doesn't notice.

She doesn't even wait to see who's in the car and asks from other students for the directions to the administration offices. She follows the directions and they lead her to the boys toilet.

(Standing outside the boys toilet )

Bong Soon: (thinking out loud)Im so stupid .

Those idiots! ,imbeciles!.....

At that moment a cute boy comes out of the toilet

Cute guy:(speaking in English) OMG are you a pervet?

Bong Soon: (replies in English) No ,stupid .I'm lost some guys tricked me .

Cute guy:(confused) Stupid!!!! (struggling to speak in English) What are you saying!?

Bong Soon: ( replying in Korean) Dude you realize we can speak in Korean right .

Cute guy: (now speaking in Korean) Well yes but where's the fun in that. (he smirks)

Bong Soon: I just want the directions to the administration offices.

Cute guy: Fresh meat ! (smirking) Where did you drop from?

Bong Soon: Are you going to give me the directions or not?

Cute guy: Yeah but what's in it for me ?

Bong Soon:Are you kidding me!

Cute guy:( smirking )You're a fiesty one i see,I like that. Call me Oppa I'll take care of you fresh meat.

Bong Soon: (looking at his uniform)But you are my junior.

Cute guy:Doesn't matter does it?

Bong Soon: What ever ,just take me to the offices.

Cute guy:Say the magic word.

Bong Soon:Argh are we in preschool ,PLEASE !

Cute guy:This way fresh meat.

The cute guy so walks Bong Soon to the offices

Cute guy: This is it.

Bong Soon: Thanks alot.

Cute guy:Anytime fresh meat. I'm Myung Soo by the way ,Chan Myung Soo and you are.....

Bong Soon:Bong Soon ,Kim Bong Soon .

Myung Soo: Okay ,catch you at break time.

Before Bong Soon could reply Myung Soo goes off

Bong Soon gets admitted into the school and her class teacher takes her to her first lesson.As she enters the first person she notices is the mysterious boy from the funeral who is standing next to this handsome looking guy she doesn't know yet but has already bumped into him earlier that morning .All the girls seem to be staring at them but they aren't even paying attention.She thinks it's pathetic but who's to blame them.

Mrs Go: Order everyone !

Everyone quickly gets settled.

Mrs Go: We have a new student here. This is Kim Bong Soon , she's just arrived from Africa .I expect all of you to be on your best behavior .

Random girl: (mocking her in English) OMG!How was it in the jungle?

Everyone laughs

Bong Soon:(with a fake smile) I don't know I've never been in one,but the basic Zimbabwean's English is much more fluent than yours.

Some people chuckle

Mrs Go: Quiet now! Take your sit Miss Kim.

Who knows if she's unlucky or it's fate or she's just lucky but the only free desk is right in front of the mysterious boy.

Mysterious boy: (whinning) Arghhh,seriously.

Mrs Go: Would you like detention Baek Soo Hyun?

Soo Hyun: No ma'am.

His handsome friend laughs at him.

Mrs Go: How about you Chan Min Ho?

Min Ho: No ma'am.

Mrs Go: And just for that both of you will help Ms Kim with whatever she needs.

All the girls in the class sigh.

They have their lessons till break time .Min Ho and Soo Hyun don't even seem to acknowledge her presence so Bong Soon makes her way to the cafeteria following everyone else.

the realisation

Bong Soon' s jaw drops as she's mind blown by the cafeteria. It looks better than any restaurant she's been in.It has proper chefs and buffets . It's at this moment that she starts to notice all the things she was too preoccupied to notice when she came in the morning. Things like how everyone is wearing the same uniform but it looks different on each person ,social groups etc

Bong Soon:(thinking outloud) I really am a fish out of water.

Myung Soo suddenly appears out of nowhere

Myung Soo: You want fish ?

Bong Soon:(in a state of shock) Jeez you scared me ,where did you come from?

Myung Soo:(joking) A magician never reveals his tricks ,let's go sit over here .

He drags Bong Soon to a near by table .

Myung Soo: So how do you like it here .

Bong Soon: It's not as bad as I imagined. I thought I'd get bullied and so far I've only been teased .

Myung Soo: What!Who did that? I'll teach them a lesson. You know I'm like Mayweather one punch then they are knocked out.

Bong Soon:Really, you'll even hit girls for me?

Myung Soo:Welllllll....(changes the topic)eat your fish .

Bong Soon: Do you have any friends ?

Myung Soo:I actually do, his name is Shin Won Ho.He's currently on a trip with his parents he'll be back next week . He's going to love you.

Bong Soon:(speaking to her self)I wonder if he knows Mr Shin .

Myung Soo:What?

Bong Soon:Nothing...

(Grabbing the paper beside Bong Soon)

Myung Soo: Is this your timetable (he takes a picture before Bong Soon grabs it back ) now I'll know where you are

Bong Soon: (angrily) stalker!

Myung Soo: Aigoo you look so adorable when you're mad. How did you even get a place here , your parents must have pulled alot of strings to get you here . Every kid in Korea wants to learn here or (whispering) are you here on a scholarship.

Bong Soon stays quiet thinking of a way to reply but Myung Soo cuts her off

Myung Soo:(whispering) You must be really smart then .It's okay I'll keep your secret .

Bong Soon: but...(the bell rings)

Myung Soo: Gotta run. See you after school , I won't make it to lunch make another friend bye Bong Bong.

He rushes off

after school

As Bong Soon is exiting the school she sees Myung Soo waiting for her .

Myung Soo:What took you so long?

Bong Soon:(fake smiling) I didn't think you'd actually be waiting for me.

They walk out and there's another group of girls waiting at the same car from the morning.

Bong Soon:What's up with the girls here . Who are they waiting for.

Suddenly Soo Hyun and Min Ho walk out and the girls start screaming. Soo Hyun gets into his car and Min Ho continues to walk.

The group of girls split whilst some remain by the car some follow Min Ho.

Bong Soon: (looking at a parking lot full of fancy cars )He walks !

Myung Soo:Yes he does.

Bong Soon:Isn't he rich or something.

Myung Soo:I don't know what goes on in his head. Soo Hyun too I don't know why he always waits in his car before he leaves , poor chauffeur.

Bong Soon:Rich people are weird.

Myung Soo:(petting her head) Poor Bong Soon you'll never understand.

A fancy limousine comes into the school.

Myung Soo: Omo the kids at this school are too flashy .I don't know why you'd need such grand car this is not a red carpet , show offs .

As bong soon is about to laugh she sees Mr Cho exiting the car opening the door.

Myung Soo:Aigoo I can imagine how this makes my poor Bong Soon feel .

Feeling embarrassed Bong Soon quickly texts Mr Cho telling him to wait outside .

Myung Soo:OMG! Is that your phone. ( petting her head) You really are a charity case. Oh look the limousine is leaving . How come it has the Lee crest on it ,didn't the old man die so why is it here.

Bong Soon: (curious)How come you know about that?

Myung Soo: I am the son of a business man ,I'm bound to know. Plus his death was flooding all media platforms.

Bong Soon:(feeling embarrassed) Aweeeee

Myung Soo:(petting Bong Soon on her head) I know you're new here but I'd expect you to atleast know the most important people in Korea. Aigoo how will you survive at this school without knowledge of the who's who of Korea.

Bong Soon: huh?

Myung Soo: (frustrated) Hopeless fresh meat. I'll tell you this one the rest you can search on the internet. Mr Lee was one of the richest people in Korea. If he had a relative here they'd probably be the richest one at this school . Well not anymore ,since his death their stock has gone down so they'd probably be the second richest after Baek Soo Hyun of course. My dad told me his daughter is taking over the company,he says it's headed towards total destruction now.

Bong Soon:(angry) Aishhh...(Myung Soo cuts her off as she's about to speak )

Myung Soo:My father would be proud hearing me talking like a true business man. ( grabs Bong Soon's phone and dials his number ) Okay now that I've got your number there's my ride ( pointing at a white sports car )do you need a lift ?

Bong Soon:(still dumb founded by everything she's heard ) No.... it's okay bye.

Bong Soon runs out of the school gate and gets seen by Baek Soo Hyun who's passing by in his car as she enters her limousine.

Soo Hyun: Interesting.....

On her way home Bong Soon google's her family and is shocked by what she finds

Upon bearing a loud scream at the back of the car


Mr Cho: (worried) Whats wrong Young Miss !?

Bong Soon:We ...We...We're rich!

Mr Cho: Yes I know Young Miss.

Bong Soon: (excitedly shouting)No Mr Cho , we're stupid rich!!!

Mr Cho: (laughs )Yes young Miss i know that too.

Bong Soon:I knew that we are now rich but not THIS RICH!!

Mr Cho continues to laugh. They arrive home and she's welcomed by Mrs Park .

Bong Soon:(excitedly) Mrs Park did you know we're rich?

Mrs Park: Good day Young Miss, I take it that you had a good day.

Bong Soon:Forget about that ,let's celebrate!!

She runs to her room and gets on her phone.She receives a phone call from an unknown number.

Bong Soon: Hello, who is this ?

Unknown caller: Poor Bong Soon .

Bong Soon: (annoyed ) Aish..Myung Soo.

Myung Soo: ding ding ding...,have you done the homework I gave you.

Bong Soon: Let's end this call then I'll get started.

Myung Soo: Nooo!!!...(Bong Soon disconnects the call )

Bong Soon: We're rich, why should I search about everyone else that's their business . Let me call Akira.

Bong Soon dials but doesn't connect

Bong Soon: (talking to herself ) I'm so stupid, forgot that we have different timelines now . (sulking) Since the sun is setting it must be mid morning there. I guess they are at school and we all know you can't go with your phone without being punished . Why is life so different here?

Bong Soon falls asleep talking to herself. She is then woken up by Mrs Park for supper. She arrives late at the table as everyone is already waiting for her.

Bong Soon: Hi mom .Hi dad.

Both parents:Hey dear

B.S mom: How was the first day at school?

Bong Soon:It wasn't amazing and it wasn't that bad.

B.S dad: That's my girl . Did you make any friends?

Bong Soon: Kinda....

B.S mom: What do you mean ?

Bong Soon:There's this one junior who kept on following around. He's annoying.

B.S mom: (excitedly) Is he cute.

Bong Soon:(whinning)Mommm!

B.S mom: Okay okay ...is he nice to you though.

Bong Soon: Yeah he's the only person who spoke to me today.

B.S dad: Sounds like a nice boy. You should bring him over some day . (teasingly) You know your mother is a year older than me .

Bong Soon:Dadddd!

B.S dad:Okay, okay I'm stopping.

Bong Soon: Enough about me how was work?

B.S mom: You know the life of a doctor.

B.S mom: Well mine was hectic but I think I'm getting the hang of it .

Bong Soon: (cheerfully ) Wow super mom and super dad.

They all laugh

B.S mom: (looking at Mr Shin)There is something though.

B.S dad: What?

Mr Shin: There is an event you have to attend this weekend .

Bong Soon: All of us?

Mr Shin: Yes young Miss .It's a party to officially announce your mother as the new CEO of your grandfathers business.

Bong Soon: This is about to get interesting. If the schools are that fancy I wonder what the parties are like.

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