Who Said The Villainess Can't Be The Female Lead?!
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Who Said The Villainess Can't Be The Female Lead?!


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What is Who Said The Villainess Can't Be The Female Lead?!

Who Said The Villainess Can't Be The Female Lead?! is a popular web novel written by the author Singledog, covering TRANSMIGRATION, REINCARNATION, ACTRESS, ENTERTAINMENT, ROMANCE, NOVEL, COMEDY, OFFICE, SUPERSTAR, MANAGER, Romance genres. It's viewed by 197.3K readers with an average rating of 4.36/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 42 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lia, is an employed woman who secretly loves to read romance novels to the point she fantasizes in her dream, a super fan who also likes to watch romance stuffs. Basically, almost half of her life is dedicated to romance novels and movies. While waiting for the update of her favorite novel in the middle of the night, she fell asleep because of exhaustion. The next thing she knew was she transmigrated?! Inside her favorite novel at that??? "Well, I think its not that bad..." Uhmm as a Villainess? "What the heck is all this?!"

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I actually see potential to this almost I feel like this is going to be underrated. Author fighting don't let anyone get in your way I'll support you so that you can write in peace. Aside from that, the male lead is a lot mysterious for me. So far I 'think' the ML hasn't shown his presence yet. However there are so many ikemen surrounding her probably potential second ml's kyaah..ehem


It has already been 2 months until now and there isn't any updates and I can't help thinking you would drop this work but I really hope you won't because I am sure there are more people like me want to see this novel until its end ......


I really like this novel so much and hope that the author won't drop this work because it's really interesting and has a refreshing plot so come back to us again ,author...


Reveal spoiler


Dear Author, I beg my utmost sincerity to not drop this book. Please do not give up huhuhuhu. I'm dying to see what's next. Please keep fighting! But hey btw I really like also some of your other books.


Me parece muy interesante la protagonista como es muy atrevida, y nunca se rinde aunque es algo egocéntrica me parece fabuloso que sea haci espero con ancias tus próximas actualizaciones y futuros proyectos


Thanks for this story! Glad to see that you're updating daily now :D Keep up the good work and creative juices! I would love to hear a review of my work from you, too—The Last Dragon Hunter. Thanks!


I REALLLLYYYY LIKE LIAAA. I STAN A CONFIDENT QUEEN LIKE HER LOL OMG. this is literally me fangirling to her long before she is even known to the peeps inside the novel lol hehehehehehe


I actually came here after checking out your other book - the daffodil in the field and I liked both of your creations. I actually came here because I saw that this book has more chapters, might as well read some of your creations while waiting for more updates to the other side. The writing style to this book is actually different, I'm quite surprised. I'm such a betrayer to your other book tehee. Please don't abandon us :{


To be honest, I like this story. It's...kind of new I guess? Some things are different from the typical villain transmigration stories I've heard before. I also like the personality of the MC lol she's funny but smart


I reallllllyyy like the MCCCCCC. Please don't abandon us author this is excruciating huhuhuhu. But please do take your time to create good chapters hehehe still waiting for the ML kekeke


I LOVE this noveeeelll. Idk if it's kind of unique and lil' different but I like the characters in this novel. Especially the mc the honest, i-dont-care personality but smart and calculative. This is kind of refreshing but please update author huhuhuhuhu


I'm loving this story so far. The female lead is interesting and I think I've just spotting our Male lead 😏 I just really want it to update faster 😭 the wait is painful..


It's good in my opinion, has a lot of potential. I am lookimg forward to more chapters. I will add it in my library for now, hope this story doesn't disappoint me.


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