11 What is happening with me?

Lately, Lea found herself filled with emotions that she has never experienced in her life. It all started the day she ran into him. He demanded the school bullies to stop bullying her, and he had been asking for her contact details ever since then.

She found herself being on a rollercoaster and didn't know how to handle these feelings. People around town and her peers at school looked at her differently.

When it came to her and Aldrin, their backgrounds were on different levels. The differences were on a huge scale. One is filthy rich, while the latter is poor. She was just an average citizen after all. She was not convinced he was attracted to her. She couldn't help but look down on herself. Why would Aldrin find her attractive all of a sudden?

Lea was confused most of the time because she could tell things were different than they were before. This made her curious. What had changed for them to behave this way?

Lea was sure Julia with minions was not happy with this change. However, Lea was convinced Julia couldn't do anything about the changes. It looked like they had to adapt and accept it with no arguments. Things were different for the pale ones and the gothic ones. Yes, things were different in their town and school. There were the normal people, which she fell under. Then, the others were very insanely attractive. These were the pale ones, the gothic ones and the buff ones, which Aldrin fell under.

She always differentiated them this way. Lucas always laughed at his friend for calling people. Lucas fell to the gothic people category.

Later that day, Lea, Jammie, and Lucas went to her house to go through their notes. Exams will be in two months. Lea and her friends wanted to get to college. They aimed to meet the passing mark to get in college.

"Guys just tell me if there is something you don't understand." they nodded their heads to acknowledge they heard her.

Lea knew her friends were clever. However, even geniuses ask for a second opinion. Perhaps, she was the one like that. Lea valued second opinions. She did not think she knew everything. She was no God and being arrogant sometimes leads to one's downfall.

As they were engrossed in their studies, they failed to notice the time. It was not until Lea's mom told them it was dinner time.

"Lea honey, it's late. Come down with your friends. Have some dinner, so they can leave before it gets darker." said her mom.

"Yes mom," responded Lea. She looked at the time and cursed. "Guy's it almost 9 pm. Let's go eat so you can leave early. We will catch up tomorrow," she said with concern in her voice.

Their town though it looked peaceful, many scary things have happened here. Lea didn't want her friends getting in trouble with their folks also.

They had their dinner. After they were done, she bid them goodnight. They left in a hurry, though Lucas was not that worried about himself, he still felt conflicted about Jammie. Vampires were nasty sometimes and he remembered Brandon warning him about rouges recently.

So, he took it up to himself to walk him home. Their houses were in different directions but he didn't care. This was to protect a friend he just made today.

While they were walking they heard some people talking in harsh tones. Jammie was freaked, he was not a scaredy-cat but he still felt there was something wrong. The air today felt so chilled and his hair was standing ever since they left Lea's home, this only happened when he was in danger.

He subconsciously walked fast than before, he felt his heart hammering against his ribcage. He was scared something bad was to happen to them. He rashly held Lucas's hand and breathed harshly and quickly.

"Relax Jammie, don't overreact. If you become like this, you'll not think straight and the more you get scared and your heartbeat will just lead them straight to you," he said.

"This type of reaction will excite them. Please try to get calmed, I know it's hard but it's for the best."

The vampires that were following them were not bad, but they are still predators. So, it was understandable why Jammie felt threatened. This was an instinct.

They were not human and they were dangerous to humans, of course, he could detect this though he had no idea how he knew.

However, Lucas knew they will not expose themselves to him or humans as this was against the supernatural rules. Not long after they just passed by and warned them.

"You better be careful, the darkness hides predators." said one of their classmates.

Jammie always found Klark very creepy. The way he looked at people was like he wanted to devour them.

"Yeah, whatever," answered Lucas. They ignored his sarcastic answer and left without another word.

"They just creep me out all the time," said Jammie. "I always feel they want to eat people, the yearning they always have in their eyes is creepy."

Laughed Lucas. This new friend seemed to be observant.

"Just ignore them. They will not harm you," he suggested. "There are many things you don't know Jammie and you better listen to me. Stay away from the pale ones and the gothic ones, as Lea would call them. Even the buff ones, just stick with the normal ones. Okay?"

Jammie looked at his friend weirdly, he did hear Lea say that earlier but he did not pay any heed to their comments. However, looking at his friend right now. He seemed to be serious with his warning.

"Okay, I will make sure to steer away from them."

"We are here. Go in I will lookout."

"Thanks, Lucas, get home safe. I wish I was brave as you, but I am not," said Jammie.

"Don't worry about me. I did message Brandon earlier to come and get me." Just as he finished speaking, they saw headlights.

Brandon's car stopped near Lucas, he rolled the car window down.

"Get in," he demanded.

Lucas rolled his eyes in annoyance and urged Jammie to get inside the house. Jammie waved his goodbye and rushed inside his house.

Lucas only got in the car after he saw his friend was safe at home.

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